September Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,

I know I say this almost every month, but I can’t believe we’re heading into the end of September and the beginning of fall! I always like September because it’s my birthday month and with that comes all the excitement of getting to celebrate and have some extra fun.

I am traveling a lot this month. My partner and I took a much needed and amazing trip to New Mexico, it was such a blast and truly beautiful experience together. If you haven’t visited Taos, I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s one of my favorite places to visit and I am just so taken with the sacredness of the southwest.

I also leave for  my Wildwoman Retreat this weekend in Asheville, North Carolina + a much-needed solo vaca in Asheville after! The retreat is a part of the Turn on Your Feminine Magic Course I am in. I’m excited – and a little apprehensive – for this trip for a few reasons.

1.I’m driving by myself – which I love – but I also worry about my energy levels and staying awake on the road. I tend to get sleepy so I’m a little stressed that I won’t get enough rest before I leave.
Definitely got my podcasts and music and herbal teas lined up to keep me alert!

2.I’ve never been to this part of the country and I can’t wait to see it’s beauty!

3.I’m having a little fear of the unknown coming up being with all women for 3 days straight. Don’t get me wrong, I love women! I just also really like a balance of male energy and really really like my alone time…..but it feels like this retreat will expand me in all the right ways and create bonding relationships with sisters that Spirit has been calling me toward.

4.I’m a little concerned with my health. My adrenal fatigue has been pretty intense lately, and I worry I may not be able to keep up with all the actiivities in the way that I want or expect myself too. I keep reminding myself that everything will be perfect and I will be taken care of. My energy will be at the perfect pace and level for what I want and need to do this weekend, even if that means taking breaks to rest.

Due to the pretty intense adrenal fatigue lately, I’ve been getting how much rest is important. I’ve always placed importance on it, but recently, I’ve gotten even more clear on how tired and run-down my system is from so much pushing over the years, and how much I need to listen and take care of myself. Even if it goes against what my ego says or has planned.

Growing up on a farm with hard-working parents, the country mentality is work from sun-up to sun-down, and both my parents did that to take care of me and my brother. As a result, I also developed a very “hard-working” mentality. Which is great and really helpful in some cases. But not all. Too much work with little rest and no play has caught up with me and is starting to take a toll on my health.

I used to make myself get up early when the alarm went off. Push myself through my overly-loaded schedule, make myself take care of things I really didn’t HAVE to take care of that day or have the energy for, and my nervous system is starting to say no to that way of being. It just doesn’t work anymore. My higher self will not allow me to run on such a patriarchal internal structure anymore.

Many light workers are experiencing what my friend Gwyn calls, “ascension-symptoms” and that made a lot of sense to me. Of course my body is going to go through something as I wake up more of my sleeping parts, it’s the process of evolution. Our Spirits move at the speed of light, and our human parts – our mind, body and emotions – take a bit longer to catch up.

Due to my Feminine Magic class, I’m learning that I need to balance my masculine and feminine energies. I need to rest just as much as I work, and as I play. I need to receive just as much as I give. I need to listen to my inner guidance on what I have space for, and what I don’t. I need to let go of the people-pleaser mentality and be okay with saying no. I need to allow myself to flow with the tides of energy moving through me just like the ocean and the stars in the sky.

I need to be in more connection with what I need and what I want, what I pleasure and I desire, in order to be more healthy, happy, and whole.

Because it is from this restored wholeness that I am in alignment with my deepest self, connected to my power and purpose, bursting with the energetic inspiration to do what I love and I believe I was brought here to do – be in healing service to you.

If you’re wanting a session I will be out of town until October 1st. You can email me to schedule in the interim, but just know I will be slower to responding while I’m away 🙂

With deep love,


PS: I post pretty consistently about my process, to follow along check out my IG or FB pages.