November Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope your day of thanks was filled with gratitude, the ones you love, and yummy food.

Last month I mentioned how I was the lucky winner of 2 big financial lessons, and how I went through a process of pretty intense emotions (anger, rage) and then finally after much resistance and feeling like I had no where else to go, surrendered and handed both situations over to God.

Well I’m here to report this surrender and handing over to God thing works. One of the situations involved my insurance company. I cut my finger open pretty bad this summer and my partner had to take me to the emergency room for stitches. When I arrived I gave them my insurance card and they admitted me, I figured all was fine since my insurance covers me to go anywhere – even if they are a non-provider – in the state of an emergency.

Fast forward 2 months and my insurance calls me, saying they don’t have a contract with the hospital I went too, so I have to work with a 3rd party to try to get the hospital to discount or cover the charges. Ummm okay… I go through that grueling process for another 2 months, only to be denied by the hospital. They are unwilling to discount or write off my charges. My 3rd party account manager says their is nothing more he can do, he advises me to contact the hospital myself to see if I can sway them and make an appeal with my insurance company.

Insert heavy sighs and what feels like pulling my hair out as I try to work with the hospital to see about financial assistance on my own, while I also go through the appeals process with my insurance. But I can’t seem to get anywhere, the hospital won’t my return calls and my insurance isn’t budging.

Then I start to share this situation with others and begin reflecting on, “what if I gave up my resistance? I wonder what would happen if I surrendered, would it shift the energy?” One of my teachers reminded me to take responsibility for my part in the situation, that although yes, these other parties weren’t exactly doing their job, but I wasn’t either. After all, it was my name on the insurance card, it was my policy and I did receive care from the hospital.

These types of situations can get tricky. It can be so easy to blame issues on others when we really are being wronged. And in this situation, I have no doubt that I was being wronged, however I had a part in it too, and I wasn’t getting anywhere by playing the victim card. That’s the thing about being the victim, we get stuck, it truly gives us no options but to sink down into our wounded-ness and in my instance, pout that these big companies were trying to hurt me. Yuck. It didn’t feel good, and it offered no resolutions.

However, once I took full responsibility for my part, a whole new world of options and possibilities showed up. At once I knew the solution for the whole thing.

My Higher Self said: Surrender. Hand this over to God. Hand it over again and again. When you get triggered by it, hand it over. Offer it up to all of Creation to hold and nurture and take care of. God can come up with miracles your human brain could never fathom. Let go and let God. And so I did.

Well I kid you not, right when I did that things started to shift. I could just feel how the energy started to redirect, from against me, to flowing with me. From opposition, to holding the paradox. From seeing different sides, to seeing the Wholeness of the situation – including me, the insurance company, the hospital, all the people involved – that nothing needed to be fixed, it was already complete. I went from being so mad at the hospital and insurance company, to all is well and taken care of.

Then the miracles started to show up in solid form. A few days later I got onto my hospital account portal and my balance had gone to zero. Yes I said ZERO!!!! All of a sudden it showed an adjustment of the full amount and it had been cleared out. Completely. Entirely. CLEARED OUT.

My account manager from the 3rd party (who was off the case by then but because he was also appalled at how my case was being handled by the hospital) also saw it was now 0 and called to tell me, the hospital wrote off the charges, you owe nothing!!!!

I am amazed by the power of surrender and handing over things to God. I share this story as an example of how you too, can use this same method for anything, large or small. We all have access and connection to the power of the Divine, I am not any different from you. Being connected to the Divine is our God-given birth right, and when we remember that God is within us, and we are within God, we come back home to ourselves and life flows and feels sacred.

When I’m practicing this, I wake up feeling deeply blessed and grateful to be alive and for my life and all those that cross my path. Truly I remember that this is what Living feels like. This is what we came here to do and be. That only love is real and we are infinitely connected to that love like the leaves were once attached to the trees.

This Thanksgiving, I am utterly so grateful for the power of God. My willingness to surrender, and my integrity to take responsibility. I bow in gratitude to you, my clients, friends and family who I get to love and serve and who add so much richness to my life.

I’m curious,

What would you like to surrender and give over to God? Do you believe in miracles? Did you know those who believe in miracles receive them, and those who don’t, don’t?

If you’d like support in returning to your God-self, connecting with Spirit, giving love and rest to your body and a space for your emotions, I’d love to be of service to you in a healing session. Reply to this email to chat or schedule.

With deep love,