May Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

Happy May Day. Happy Mother’s Day. Happy Beltane. Happy Spring. The Earth is awakening and it’s my favorite time of year to witness.

I want to speak about the ascension process we are all undergoing, especially those on a healing and spiritual path.

What is the ascension process? Essentially it is moving from 3D consciousness to 5D consciousness. 3D is based in fear and programmed with duality. 5D is the embodiment of love.

Moving out of fear programs that our primate brains have carried for millions of years is extremely gnarly work. In long ago periods when we lived in nature and with the Earth, our awareness had to always be scanning for predators to keep ourselves from being killed. This scanning and negativity bias still lives in our brains today and for most humans, is running the show. It’s a complex and layered system to untangle. It requires repetitive practices, dedication, and awareness to reprogram a fear-based system of consciousness to one of love.

While on the journey of moving from fear to love we experience a myraid of symptoms I like to call “ascension symptoms” that can show up vastly different for different people. But often look like illness, dis-ease, car wrecks, breakups, ego-deaths, real deaths, bankruptcy, etc. The list goes on.

These symptoms especially come online when we are working at “stretching” our capacity for Wholeness. The more light we bring in, the more our shadow feels “safe” enough to make itself known. Humans are self-healing machines. The unconscious mind will continue to bring up what you’ve repressed because it desires to heal.

Moving out of 3D and into a more 5D way of life first starts with the thoughts that we think. Any lack, judgment, shame or fear has to go. Once these start to shift, how we feel about ourselves starts to shift. Once we start to think and feel more high vibe, our bodies start to heal, often by “getting well” meaning bringing the illness or dis-ease to the surface. Essentially moving it out of the body.

I wanted to share this with you to let you know I completely empathize with how grueling this process can be. I get it! I’m living it! It is not easy. It can not be fun. It can be extremely difficult and it will make you question your ability and sanity. It will change you, but it will really only take away that which is not you, to reveal more of what you are. Which is love.

I’m also writing this as a pep talk to myself. To remind myself as I’m navigating my own symptoms, that this is the process. This is what healing looks like. And to see that the more I relax, allow, and trust this sometimes crazy process, the more fun I have and the “easier” it goes. Laughter also helps a lot.

I know living in the 3D matrix is often a rough place. It wears on you. Tears on you. Beats you down and takes you for dead. But your Spirit is strong. It is infinite, multidimensional, and capable of anything you say it is. You wouldn’t be experiencing what you’re experiencing unless you could handle it or were ready for it. You’re much bigger and badder than you think you are. There is a courageous fire deep inside of you that can stand for you no matter the situation.

You’ve got this bae. We’ve got this. We are all getting well. We are all walking each other home. 

Mucho blessings to you on your journey, we got this.