June Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

Happy belated Father’s Day.

There is soooooo much I could share in this month’s newsletter. The reoccurring theme that keeps presenting itself from the Universe has been Expansion. Expansion. Expansion.

So much so that I just hired 2 people within 2 days. I find it funny. I had been complaining and whining to my best friend that, “I’m so busy” “I’m running constantly” “everything is moving so fast” “every moment is filled” and he said to me a few times, “yeah when a business grows, you have to hire people to support that growth” (or something like that). Regardless, I didn’t like hearing that, whined some more, and pushed it aside.

After that conversation I kept hearing Spirit tell me the name of the 1st person I was to hire. I finally did after taking a few weeks to receive the message. Then started to hear the second person’s name after I finally hired the first.

Once I surrendered and trusted, space opened up and the momentum of the first hire made hiring the second super swift and easy. I find that so interesting. How like-energy will carry momentum and intelligence to recreate more of that same consciousness. Fascinating. I also feel sooooo happy and grateful to have these two beautiful souls joining me in creation and supporting me in my purpose. I already feel like things aren’t so hectic and I’m able to catch my breath. Thank you Spirit!

For the past 4 months I have been feeling an upgrade coming, but I hadn’t really thought about how I was going to meet the level of upgrade once it got here, just that it was coming and I was excited-scared for it! In hindsight, of course I was going to need help!

The Universe truly does abhor a vacuum. When something is needed a space opens up and it must be filled. This energy will pull us into our creations out of need, want and desire, and when something new is made, like energy attracts to support it. From this remembering, we really don’t need to work so hard. The Universe is designed to support us and deliver. Trust in in this inherent energy is required for operations to function properly and efficiently.

As we continue to deepen into the Age of Aquarius, we’re being commanded to stop the pushing and striving   energy and step into our innate receptive-attraction ability. Where the scale of our frequency is in direct proportion to that which we create and receive. Most of this work is in the inner-space of our hearts.

To reconcile back to love, ask these questions:

How much love and light am I embodying?

How much fear-energy have I integrated and transformed back to love?

Have I mourned my own feelings and un-met needs?

How much neutrality am I offering?

And, how much patience, grace, and kindness am I offering to others? 

I am here to support you beloveds, in transforming fear back to love! Here’s my link to schedule:

Energy Alignment Session: Spiritual Counsel, Intuitive & Channeled Intelligence

My heart is open to you, mucho gusto!


PS: Be on the lookout!

*Healer’s Level 1: How to Channel ~ Coming this Fall
*Healer’s Level 2: Energy Healing ~ Coming this Winter
*Healer’s Retreat Bali August 2022