April Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

I am writing to you today from such inspiration and joy. I know I just wrote and sent out my March newsletter, but April came pouring through this morning and I feel like I have discovered something really exciting and I just cannot wait to share it with you.

Since my time in Mexico and coming home, I have felt the most expansive, joyful, and energized in my entire adult life. Upon spending 3 weeks in Tulum by myself, the unique discovery I stumbled upon was the ability to be the Source of my own joy, delight, and ecstasy. Every day I would walk, bike, skip, dance and play down the streets and by the ocean of this boho beach town and I had So. Much. Fun. with MYSELF!

Growing up I lived in the country, about 15mins by car from any of my friends, so I played by myself and was left to entertain myself often. This was such a gift for me to learn as a child. That I was the Source of my own happiness! Wowzers. I’m blown away that I already knew how to do this, and how lost I got when I began being interested in dating and got into committed relationships. Without even realizing it, I started to source my safety, security, worthiness, joy, peace, happiness, you name it, through someone else. And I didn’t even recognize it. I got so entangled, muddled, confused and swept up in the energy outside of me, and **forgot** about the energy within.

This is totally normal and a very common attachment style for humans. Some of us cling, people-please, identify with needing someone else to externally validate us, while others are more prone to put up a lot of walls and keep distance between self and other —- both ploys of the ego to keep one safe from the fear of love-death. The survival part of us that believes we aren’t love, we don’t come from love, and that we must go out and “get love” so we don’t die. Woof. Big, gnarly, stuff.

But. And this is a big BUTT (lol, ;p) (humor helps with these intense truths) This is one of our ultimate betrayals of Self in these physical forms. That we don’t recognize our Union with God is how we Source our own everything. That when we team up, get with, and allow Source Energy to move through us, we create our own everything with it. This is the ultimate definition of co-creating with the Universe. When you don’t recognize yourself as separate from God. When you see, feel, sense and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are God. You are Source Energy itself. And when you begin sourcing energy from God, the supply is limitless. The love is eternal. That you needn’t anything from anyone, or anything else. That whatever comes from the outside is a gift, a blessing, frosting on the cake. But that you’ve got yourself, because you have learned how to Source yourself from the God within.

How freakin’ juicy is that!!!!!????? What I’ve been finding from this point is that my relationships are getting even MORE amazing, and of course that would be the case. As my relationship with myself expands, so that reflects outside of me. My friendships are growing deeper, the synchronicities and miracles are coming daily and are going off the charts, and my connection to life itself is expanding in more joy, delight and ease than I ever knew possible.

And this type of life is available to you too. It’s not special to me. It does require a true commitment to knowing the truth of who you are, a willingness to be vulnerable and integrate your shadow, and surrender of that which you ever thought to be true.

If this type of healing calls to you and you vibrate with what I’m saying and wish to do this type of work yourself, I am here as a guide to your soul’s highest calling. Respond to this email for Energy Alignment sessions.

Mucho blessings to you beloveds.

To Sourcing from the infinite well of Love from the Universe,