March Newsletter

Hola, Buenos Dias Amigos,

I’m rolling in at the very end of your month again to share that I have returned from my sabbatical in Mexico and that I’m feeling reborn, refreshed and rejuvenated in a whole new way. It feels as if I have more of my life force available to me. Like there is more of “me” here, alive and active. And it feels good!

I feel so fortunate and grateful to myself and my mother for this. Growing up, I would say the attributes my mom modeled the most were independence, adventurous, I-can-do-anything and handle-anything attitude, fun-loving, generous, service-oriented, loyal, and kind. Unknowingly, she gave me exactly what I needed to be who I am today and go after my dreams. One of the things I recall my mother instilling within me from a young age was telling me that I could do anything and be anything. That type of programming for a young psyche can do wonders for a child, because I believe that I can and I am. For that, I send my mother a billion and one thank you’s. Thank you mama, I love you.

Speaking of programming, where is your internal radio dial set? Meaning, where are you putting your focus? Where we put our attention, is what we give our energy. Are you giving your energy to the frequency of fear or love? One great teacher said if you’re not focusing on love you’re focusing on fear. And if it really is that simplistic, can you teach yourself to come back when you’ve set off on another voyage of fear-mongering thoughts? Remembering that our the quality of our thoughts dictate the feelings in our bodies, and the feelings in our bodies determine the state of our health.

Are you rejecting or denying your feelings? If so, somatic science states that anything we do not feel gets stored in the tissues, organs and DNA of our bodies. If we’re not feeling it, we’re not healing it. The only way out of an emotion is through it. I really felt this on my women’s retreat in Mexico. The safe container that was created where all of my needs were met allowed me to dive into the emotional process my heart had been begging me to do, which was feel the heartbreak fully of uncoupling from my recent long-term relationship with the love of my life.

I’m not going to sugar-coat it, it fucking hurt. It was not pleasant. It was extremely uncomfortable. But look, I’m still here and alive to tell the tale, and feeling what needed to be felt worked. After about 4 days of intense grieving (after 3.5 months of doing it in and out of working and living day-to-day life) most of the pain cleared and returned to love. I began to clearly see and understand what him and I were teaching each other and I was able to forgive a lot of it and let go even more. It’s not to say that I don’t still get triggered or feel sadness about him, but going through the tunnel of the shadow of death granted me the wisdom, heart-strength and consciousness I needed to rebirth myself into this newly-emerging Self who is actually more herSelf than she’s ever been before.

Everything is here for us. Every relationship is a teacher. Every situation and circumstance is providing us the exact medicine required for your liberation. It’s only a matter of re-programming yourSelf to See it this way.

But hold on because once you do, the game changes ~~~~~

Mucho blessings to you beloveds. If you wish to come to know yourSelf as a Spiritual being and desire to better understand how the laws of the Universe work and how to use your pain as fuel for your purpose, I am now mainly doing Energy Alignment sessions online where we clear, activate and harmonize everything “happening” in your life for your highest and best. Reply to this email to discuss!

In honor of our souls emergence <3