February Newsletter

Hola, Buenos Dias!

Happy last day of February! Nothing like waiting until the last minute to send out my monthly newsletter! And I say that with a lot of joy and gratitude. I’ve been such a planner and pusher and doer to achieve and create most of my life, it feels good to not worry and hemmorage energy around when I’m going to get things done and just trust that it will get done, when I have the energy to do it. So here we are!

I write to you from the lands of Mexico mi amigos. I came down here for a women’s retreat that focused on feminine embodiment, sourcing our own energy, love, play, gentleness, slowness, flowy-ness…..and I got to tell you, it was, So. Damn. Good!!!! I love surrendering to the feminine principles of creation after so many years of hyper-masculinity in my system (those energies that push us to go faster, be bigger, do better all the time and work more from a male’s hormonal body than a woman’s) it feels so good to let go and trust.

Speaking of letting go and trusting! I am full on experiencing that it is safe to fall my friends! Wowwwzers and what a quality to learn! Ever since I was little I had this sense that I was meant to know a bigger world. I didn’t know what that meant, and I still really don’t if I try to conceptualize it, but it’s been a known feeling in my body that feels sent from Source that I am meant to live beyond the boundaries of what most would call a normal life. I have always questioned rules, laws, structures and systems, authority and my family can most certainly attest to me pushing the limits and living outside the box.

When we do so we learn that it is safe to live the way our internal gps is guiding us. You know, that nudge you feel to get a tattoo, swim naked, go to bed early when everyone else is staying out late, go back to being a carnivore after you’ve been vegan, lift weights when all your friends are yogi’s, quit your corporate gig and work for a non-profit. We can trust the guidance of our energy. But this inner voice gets hard to hear with so much noise and distraction in our modern lives. It becomes so easy to let the voices of “those we believe to know better than us” to flood our thoughts and curate our beliefs. We truly have no idea what we believe or what we want, and this limits us in so many ways.

It takes away our ability to know the fullness of ourselves and what we’re capable of. It makes us much less creative, has us rely on sourcing outside of ourselves, and frankly, just makes us small.

I’ve been undergoing a pretty intense life-changing process these last 3.5 months that’s required me to work  through quite a bit of resistance. My small self wanting to stay put and not question my conventional living, my higher self calling me forward to a world I don’t know where I feel awkward, clumsy and vulnerable. In this new arena I do not feel in control. Like, at all. It feels quite messy at times and some doubt can creep in wondering if I am safe. If the path I’m forging is the right one.

But then as one sister on retreat reminded me this past week, Empowerment is on the other side of Fear. And after working through many stages of grief and letting go on the women’s retreat, I’m feeling more full in my energy body. I’m feeling more grounded to Mama (Earth), open and free in my heart space, and sharp in my connection to Source. These are lines of energy relationship we all have and are the most natural for us — to the Earth, through our Hearts, Open in our Crowns.

We were all brought in as sovereign beings. The safety to be ourselves is literally built into our DNA. God lives within the soft, supple areas of our bodies and tissues. It is safe to listen. It is safe to follow our intuition. It is safe to surrender. It is safe to let go. It is safe to trust the prana (breath) in our lungs, it safe to trust the beating of our hearts.

It is safe, to Fall.

If you’d like to hear more about the life-changing process I’ve been undergoing you can check my most recent IG or FB post where I for the first time vulnerably and outwardly share my heart and a beautiful poem that came through called, Break-up or Break-open? You can follow me at the links below.

Hasta luego mi amigos! Salue to the forever letting-go process and to trusting the safe landing of our falls.



In honor of the wild fem <3