December Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

Happy Holi-days to you! I wish you tidings of great joy and cheer now and always.

What a year this has been – for all of us – I have been going through a death and rebirthing process right along this darkest night of Winter Solstice and the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, and what I’m most present too as I sit down to write you my monthly newsletter, is that I am grateful.

As painful as loss is, I am grateful for it. It has taught me how resilient I am. It has shown me that I am much much more capable than what I thought. It’s pointed to where I lack boundaries. It’s gotten me more comfortable with saying see ya later, not now, and even goodbye. Its granted me a greater connection to the realm of Spirit and shown me just how intricately everything in the Universe is one.

I am grateful to winter for modeling how to let go. To allow change and hibernation and turning inward. For showing us that death is a natural part of the life cycle.

Dear nature, I am grateful for you. Thank you for showing us humans the way, always.

I’ve been on an internal journey the last few months with not much to share openly or publicly. I’m honoring my hearts request for more quiet, peace, and solitude.

Right now I’m out in the country of Iowa, enjoying the land and space. I’ll be here through the holidays and am grateful to be with my blood kin.

I’m going to go back inward now. I just wanted to come out and wish you well and let you know I’m still here. If you’d like to know more about my transformation process, you can check out my IG where I’ve been spontaneously sharing videos of performing alchemy through dance. It’s been so therapeutic, enlivening, and fun.

Until the New Year beloveds, peace be unto you!

Lisa Lola Instagram

In peace,