October Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may know that I just completed a 7 day Chakra Juice Cleanse yesterday. If you didn’t know that and would like to see how my progress went day in and day out, you can watch my video dairies on my IG page, Lisalolaliving, or see photos of the juices and affirmations on FB, Lisa Lola Healing Arts.

So post cleanse, how am I feeling my first day? I’m actually a little rough this morning. I had a hard time sleeping again last night with some anxiety, and I woke feeling kind of depleted, out of it, and like my moon is  about to start.

As I sat and journaled this morning I saw that feeling that way makes sense though. I went through a huge expansion this past week on the cleanse, and now, I may be contracting some, as the heart does – it expands and contracts – and that it’s a necessary part of the process.

I opened up wide and let go of A LOT during those 7 days. I let go of life as I knew it, as I see how much I revolved around my hot morning drink, lunchtime and dinner. I saw how much I’ve been conditioned to plan my life around food, obsess about when I’m going to eat, and make a big fuss when I’m feeling some hunger pains. I see how much this takes me out of the moment and steals my free flow of attention and creativity.

During this cleanse, my whole schedule got transformed. I was no longer chained to the common food routines of shopping, cooking, mealtimes, cleanup….it was so amazing to be free of all these tasks for a week and I got so much more done! Way more than I thought I would as I scheduled in some down time, not knowing how I’d feel. I felt so f’in free.

I also let go of chewing, gluten, dairy, grains, eggs, fish, corn, processed sugar, coffee….it was so cool to see how my cells were buzzing from the insurmountable amounts of veggies and fruits I was “eating.” I then read that a 16oz juice is the equivalent of 2.5lbs of veggies and fruits….WHOA! and I was drinking six, 12-14oz juices a day….no wonder I was zinging right along! Not to mention how wonderful it was to give my digestion a break for a whole week. Outstanding.

Then besides the more physical, noticeable things I let go of, I also let go of a lot of stories I created about my abilities. I really never thought I could do this so easily. I truly thought I’d be hungry and cranky and struggling against my food attachments the entire time, but I wasn’t. It was actually fairly easy. From this I see how I have really limited myself in the past and that I’m far more capable than I ever fathomed.

To me, if I can do a 7 day juice cleanse with nothing else, I can do anything. Challenging my relationship to the thing (food) that gives me so much comfort, connection, calm, joy, safety and stability is one of my greatest victories. I showed myself that I can expand beyond what my mind believes to be possible and that my comfort, safety, joy is not from a source outside myself, I generate that from within. I Am my own Creator. I Am the one that provides me stability. I Am the one that generates joy. I Am…I Am…I Am…I Am the one I’ve been looking for. It feels amazing to take my power back and show myself just how damn powerful I Am!

….And now it has me wondering, “I wonder what else I can do that I previously thought I couldn’t? I wonder what else the Universe has in store for my greatest good? I wonder where else I can challenge myself and tear down some walls?” It’s fun to explore that space and see what pops up.

So now, I’m asking you. Where have you blocked yourself in your abilities? What stories have you made up about what’s possible? What are you ready to let go of that isn’t serving you and do you believe you can? Please please, I’d love to hear your responses and support you in being a space of listening and encouragement to tell you that you can do anything! Anything!

Remember, a belief is just a thought we think over and over again. Start thinking some new thoughts about your capabilities today, repeat that day after day, and you’ll have a new, highly improved belief system.

Because there’s nothing better than setting out to do something you thought you couldn’t do, and doing it. The spiritual progress I was looking for, has been served.

PS:  If you’d like to know more about this cleanse or purchase it, it’s called Living Well from Cafe Gratitude here in KC. It’s based on the 7 chakra system from the yogic tradition, and anyone who purchases in the next 2 weeks and mentions LisaLola receives a $50 gift card to post cleanse foods from them! They’re an all organic, plant-based vegan restaurant and the quality is one of the best in town. I highly recommend them and trust their source of produce.

In celebration,