February Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

I have never loved the month of February more. And, I never thought I’d say that. Granted, from my perspective, it hasn’t been that bad with 50 degree days sprinkled in here and there and still quite a bit of sunshine, but I have been noticing how I’ve actually been yearning for more cold, snowy, overcast days. I’ve really been enjoying the Hermit-ing and Hibernating that winter brings.

This has also been revealing how important this time of year is. To go inside of ourselves, to rest-rest-rest — which I have been so gloriously been doing a lot of! Especially over the last week. How good it feels to slooowww down, relax more, let my body heal and mind wonder. To have extra time for the “whatever” read a book, lounge with my pups, hang with my man. It feels good to chill.

I have also noticed that I am not very social right now. I have not really been wanting to talk or connect or meet up with friends like I usually do. I feel quite content in the silence or listening to some easy music. I’ve had to almost force myself into the outings with friends that I’ve had, either my inner-knowing, knowing that it’s good for me, or my ego pushing me out of the house, I’m really not sure which one, and, it doesn’t really matter. What I’m loving about this is, I’m just watching how my energy shifts with the seasons and I’m flowing with what feels right for the most part.

How juicy is that? To be where I’m at fully, with almost no-judgment or FOMO, just allowing this phase of energy to move me and move through me, responding to what’s here and following what feels good…well, that’s what I’ve been training myself for. To be at peace in the present moment, with exactly what’s here and what’s not, now that’s freedom.

I am sitting here in stillness, in the silence on Monday morning, writing this to you. My pups conked out on the couch, nestled around my hips. I’m looking out my big living room window at the bare trees and gray sky, and I see so much beauty. I love the change of perspective the trees provide in winter. How much more of the city I see, it provides a whole other view.

I leave for Costa Rica next week. My partner and I are vacationing for 7 days before I attend and teach at a Women’s Retreat. As I approach this trip, I am present and beyond amazed, almost speechless at how I am literally living my dream. That the energy I hold for myself in co-creation with the Universe allows me to manifest that which I intend and envision. And that I’m always doing this, whether it is intentional or not. That what I’m thinking, feeling and being is what creates my experience. I have been tuning into this more and more, and the more I look, the more I see how powerful we are.

PS: I have a New Offering to share with you, Lisa Lola Healing Arts is now officially offering Space Cleansing & Blessing!  

A space that is in energetic balance and harmony creates peace and wellbeing for those who inhabit it. As Spirit Human Beings, we all carry a lot of energy around with us. Some energy is light and supportive, others are heavy and toxic. Having your space blessed and cleansed gives the opportunity for a fresh start and creates the feeling of a clean, clear, and healing atmosphere. Visit LisaLolaSpaceBlessing for more info & to schedule!

With rest, relaxation and flow,