Lisa has trained and studied in the Energy Healing methods of Chakra Balancing, Channeling, Reiki, Energy Processing, Access Bars, Past Life Regression, Meditation, Sacred Circles and Essential Oils. By using a combination of these techniques, each session is intuitively designed to meet you where you are on your journey. 
Lisa has been on her own personal healing path for the last 11 years, offering much of her experience to her clients. The decision to start her inner work was initiated by a long, and drawn out death of her father, that unleashed an eating disorder, and was heightened by the suicide of a dear friend. Lisa knows first hand that our pain can be alchemized into our purpose, if that’s what we choose. 
Desperately trying to understand the meaning of life and her place in the world after losing such “control” Lisa began seeing an Energy Healer and participating in sacred circles where the veil between worlds thinned, and she made contact with the Spirit realm. She asked her Higher Self every day to reveal her purpose, and each day she heard that she was brought here to facilitate healing for humanity, and be an Energy Healer. 
After 3 months of receiving the same message, she enrolled in Energy Healing training and within 6 months, Lisa Lola Healing Arts was born. This is a healing entity of it’s own, Lisa is clear of that. Only something Source driven could be created in such a short time, and has been thriving in business since 2015.
Lisa has been dedicated and loyal to the expansion of consciousness on the planet and practices breaking down the walls around her heart daily. She has worked and trained with Dr. Matt Turner of Be Love Healings, Laura Wolf of Shamanic Heart Sanctuary, James Mayfield Smith of Transformational Breakthroughs, Stephen Busby of Embodying Higher Consciousness, just to name a few. Along with working with skilled and master teachers, Lisa continues to learn through the School of Life and uses the lessons brought to her from Earth’s curriculum as opportunities to expand and evolve. Knowing that truly the only way to be of service to others, is by consciously integrating what we’ve gone through ourselves.
As an Empath, Lisa offers a compassionate open mind and loving heart to each person she works with. “I often say my problem is not getting clients in, but letting them go. Once I begin working with someone, I deeply commit myself to their healing and self-empowerment. As such, I ask each person interested in working with me, that you show up with that same level of commitment to yourself.”

Lisa loves her work as an Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach and Spiritual Guide. She knows offering a path to healing is why she came to this life, and can feel that dedication in her bones every day. It feels like Truth to her. Like home. Like not even a question, something she just does, like breathing. Something she can’t not do. It feels very much like who she is, and she is so happy to be a Priestess on the Healing path, in offering to you.

Lisa lives with her Life Partner & 2 dogs, Rico & Rodeo and enjoys all the common things in life too 🙂 nature, sunshine, yoga, dancing, travel, good food, yummy tonics, snuggly socks, plants, sisterhood, angel cards, writing, crafting & having fun with her amazing community of friends.