November Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,

Happy Thanksgiving and deep bow of gratitude to you for being on this path with me!

Did you know that Gratitude vibrates at 540 MHz and that being grateful falls on the same level as love? When we feel gratitude we are experiencing one of the highest vibrational frequencies we can be at, and the more time we spend in gratitude and love, the more our body’s frequency raises and the healthier our bodies become.

That’s right, practicing gratitude keeps us healthier, more joyful and experiencing the energies of love, peace, grace, and you-name-it positive emotion! That’s pretty freakin’ cool isn’t it?! I’ve been playing around with practicing more gratitude since I returned home from Costa Rica about a month ago and I’ve got to say, its working. 

Every day I practice thinking thoughts of gratefulness for the people, things and experiences in my life. I couple that with feeling gratitude in my heart for said things, and I focus my attention on unifying my mind (thoughts) and body (feelings) on gratitude. I then ask my heart to turn up the volume so that I can really feel the oneness of gratitude in my whole being. I stay there as long as I can and my state usually changes. I come out feeling all tingly and damn near giddy at times with all this zest and energy for life! When this happens, we are literally changing our state! Aka, our genes and DNA as we’re conditioning ourselves to love.

Ever since I started doing this I have been feeling happier, healthier, more alive and vital and also in this beautiful state of awe and wonder for life. It’s no wonder most religions include it in their pillars of practice and intent. It’s a powerful tool for living close to God and in alignment with the Universe.

What about when we’re having a not-so-great day and gratitude is far from reach? That’s the time when we need it most. To be reminded of all that we are blessed with and to focus our attention on what we have, not what we don’t. When we focus our thoughts on gratitude (love) and away from lack (fear) we are literally priming ourselves for more abundance because we attract not what we want, but who we are. If we keep our vibrational state (our thoughts and feelings) in a state of peace, forgiveness and compassion, we will attract like-energies right back to us. And the opposite is true. If we live in a state of doubt, greed and guilt, we’ll attract those like energies to us as well. 

People who have the most abundance in their lives have that because they’ve figured out that gratitude (love) attracts more of the same. 

I wish you a wonderful holiday season of gratitude, peace, joy and an abundance of love beloveds!

All my love,