August Newsletter

Dear Ones,

Sweet people. Sisters and brothers. Beloveds friends. Mi amigos, papi’s and mami’s.

I too, can get lost in the currency of fear and let that over power and over shadow what matters to me most. 

I too, can get so caught in my own pain and fury and victimhood of “this shouldn’t be happening to me, I can’t believe this person is doing this to me” and lose my way.

What creates the feeling of being lost? Fear does. When that which scares you shows up in your life, our conditioned reaction is to go to our heads and “figure it out” in order to control and protect. Without a practice  of awareness or community that reminds us of the ultimate truth (which is love), we will loop and spiral in the fear. 

What does looping and spiraling in fear look like? It looks like pushing, striving, forcing, justifying, excusing, anxiety, depression, collecting evidence to support the fear, making others wrong, shaming and silencing that which doesn’t support our fear. 

And we suffer. Oh we so greatly and deeply suffer. 

We suffer because we are disconnected from love. Our righteousness has taken over and it feels as though if we are not validated as right, we may die. And this is a true feeling. It is the death of the ego. The ego lives in right / wrong, duality consciousness, and it can’t live in love. Because it lives in fear. So it will grasp and pull and prank to exist. 

When we’ve lost our way, how do we “find” our way back to our hearts? Compassion. To see that whatever hurt has been projected onto you, is because that other person, place or thing, has pain and is scared. Compassion is to see the “rightness” in everything that everyone does. Compassion sees that we’re all just trying to get our needs met, and that whatever we’re doing – even if it hurts someone else – is because there are feelings of being scared/hurt/mad/sad and unmet needs of love/understanding/connection/belonging.

When we feel true compassion in our hearts for ourselves, the other person, our neighborhood, our government, magic happens. Because we are all so divinely connected, that other person/place/thing will FEEL that frequency of compassion held for them in our hearts and the energy will shift for them. Whether how conscious and awoke they are or unconscious and asleep they are, their state will change. They will soften. They will reach out. They will loosen their grip. They will stop pushing. They will offer to meet. They will be willing to listen. 

Why does this happen? Because the part of them that was hurting you was also hurting them and needed love. Once love is given, they relax and their hearts open back up.

There are limitless possibilities where love is present my friends! LIMITLESS!!!!! 

I’ve witnessed it and experienced it countless times beloveds and it is absolutely miraculous!!!! 

Each time I experience it I feel like I literally just saw Spirit in action and my trust in love grows. And we have to be WILLING to put down our swords of righteousness and see the humanity in each and every one of us. That each of us has feelings and that no matter what has happened or the transgression or disagreement, that everyone deserves respect and more love, not less. 

I promise you that if you practice this you will see that everything gets worked out in the heart space. It just does. Because why???

I’m going to say it again.


Because why???

Because the frequency of love is so powerful and strong it can stop and heal all of the pain, illness, dis-ease, fear programming and suffering on our planet. 

Yeah that’s how big love is. 


I love you.

Go love your enemy and watch your life transform into all the overwhelming love and joy you’ve dreamed of.


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To the limitless possibilities of love,