July Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

What I am most present to today is how much holding back my truth impacts me across all areas of my life. Because essentially, I am blocking energy, and energies natural function is to move.

When it doesn’t move, problems (or opportunities for growth, depending how you look at it) arise. These “problem opportunities” can go so far to manifest in physical form, in the creation of dis-ease, or in emotional form, like depression, or in mental form, like anxiety, the list goes on and on.

Holding back your truth may also show up like not knowing what to do with your life. Not feeling like you have a purpose or can tune into your mission, because when we hold ourselves back in one thing, we hold ourselves back in everything. It’s all connected, right?

Initiations are granted to us by the Universe so we can push beyond the limitations of our small self and transcend into more expansive states of consciousness, and oftentimes, initiations aren’t fun. They don’t feel good and my ego likes to think it’s never going to end, but I know it will end (move) to the degree that I remove resistance from it, as much as I can.

When I’m not resisting my life, new possibilities show up, because I’m no longer getting in the way. When I object, make wrong, try to force, fix and change, I’m no longer in my role, I’m in Creator’s role. And no matter how much I try to control the situation, I am not going to win, at least not in the long-run.

So what’s the best thing I can do? Align my vibration. What about when all this chaos is happening in the world? Align my vibration. What I mean by that specifically is ground to the Earth, open through your heart, connect to Source, and be guided by what feels good to you. When we’re following what feels good, there is little to no resistance.

Abraham Hicks calls it “Getting into the Vortex” which means getting yourself into a high vibrational state. This state is full of frequencies matching vibrations like ease and flow, gratitude and grace, joy and understanding. It does not include vibes like shame, blame, greed and self-righteousness. When we access our vortex, everything around us works itself out. So we needn’t go out and “do” in the world, what needs doing, will come.

I especially like Abraham’s Morning Rampage to start my day, here’s one of my favorites: https://youtu.be/FmczMP1gQzk

Blessed be to you dear ones. May you align to the Source within and connect to your I AM presence of all that is Whole, Well, and Complete.

In peace and space and grace,