October Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

What I am experiencing as the fall temps and burning trees set in, is a natural settling into myself as we come down from the heat of summer and prepare for the death of winter.

In nature this process is so instinctive, and I notice how I have resisted this coming down in previous, younger years. How the Leo in me just wants to shine and express all the time, but as I’ve aged and been doing my softening feminine work, I am accepting and enjoying the turn inward.

As I deepen more into myself, I notice a peacefulness run through my nervous system and a heightened awareness of how much I’ve been holding on. Many lifetimes of holding on. Of fear running the show. Of fighting, so much fighting – myself, my partners, my family, my friends, the world.

Oh how much I can hear myself being called into sweet surrender by my guides. I hear them saying, “let go my love, just a little more, it’s okay, you’re okay, all is well, everything is perfect…” and I momentarily slip into the 5th dimension of pure love, light, awareness and presence, and it is Divine! I let myself float and soar and Be.

And then the dog barks or the phone rings, I am called back to the plane of form. Of this 3 dimensional consciousness that can get so confusing to our light bodies. Or rather, we forget how easy it is and make this human experience complicated. It is not complicated when we know what Love is. When we’re willing to Surrender to Love. To Spirit. To the our Higher Selves.

That is my practice right now, Ishvara Pranidhana – which literally translates to Surrender to the Divine. Every time my ego revs up I hear Spirit say, “Surrender dear” or I get in my head and think I need to DO something about what’s happening, I’ve got to fix this, figure this out, and on and on and on the energy rattles and snakes and builds in my head. I hear Pachamama herself say, “oh no sweetie, not that way, this way —> exhale, soften.” The trees sing Let-Go in their breeze.

Oh I am being called, called into a deeper layer. I can feel the unknown lurking and the void breathing. It feels as though I am undergoing many moons as I pull back the shadows to reveal the next expression of Self that is making her way through.

I soften, surrender, and let the Goddess hold me in her arms. At once I remember I am okay.

Can you relate to the turn inward and the collective invitation of Surrender at this time of year? If so, I invite you to come practice with me. I am currently leading a 6 week Ishvara Pranidhana ~ Surrender to the Divine Meditation Series at Karma Tribe Yoga. Details & Registration link below.

Much love to you on your Surrendering journey. Cheers to the Unknown <3

With deep love and appreciation,