Space Cleansing & Blessing

A space that is in energetic balance and harmony creates peace and wellbeing for those who inhabit it. Heavy and toxic energies can load up a space from the natural process of life, ie: arguments, illness, emotional up’s & downs, negative attitudes, etc. Having your space cleansed gives the opportunity for a fresh start and creates the feeling of a harmonious atmosphere. 

Great for new homebuyers or sellers, to use at the change of seasons and before/after major milestones like birth, death, separation from loved ones and divorce. Also helpful for heavy-traffic businesses where energy is moved like hair salons, massage therapy spaces, restaurants and office buildings. Available to support the release of Spirits and pesky energies hanging around. May be used for individuals or businesses.

Each service uses sacred agents that have been used to cleanse and bless spaces for 1000’s of years. They include the use of Sage, Palo Santos, Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Herbs and Plant-Based solutions.

You may be present for this service and receive a cleansing and blessing for yourself, loved ones and co-workers, or may leave the space while I implement the process.

$125 / hour
Contact me for estimates given based on square footage, the number of people participating in ceremonial smudge, and commute. A typical 1000-2000 sqft space with 4 humans is estimated at 2 hours with additional travel time.