Rebirth Ritual

This session is a Ceremonial Service meaning it is to be held for those times in your life when you are undergoing great change & are ready to let the old you & your old life die so your upgraded life & the new you can be reborn. 

This session is created for the times when you have found yourself at an impasse. When you can tell your old way of being is no longer accessible or working, and it’s time to let go, move on, and create space for the new you to arise. Shadow work is rarely fun or easy to do alone. However in order to grow we all must learn the process of trust and surrender so that we may live in greater alignment with our True Selves. 

This session begins with intention setting so you can clearly communicate to the Universe what you are ready to release and call in, along with hot tea to settle the nervous system and prepare for the ritual.

Then I offer you a ceremonial hand & foot cleansing to release the past that we carry in these parts of the body that touch all of life. All of my previous clients who have received this have remarked that this is a very holy experience. The washing of hands & feet has been a prayer used for thousands of years as a symbol of rebirth. During this time you get to relax and go inside yourself as I cleanse and bless you. Once this portion is complete, I offer a sacred Hape ceremony. 

Hape is a tobacco snuff that has been long used in Central & South America by the natives for its powerful ability to connect to Spirit. It’s blown up the nostrils to clear & open the 3rd eye. Dosage & application can be made to be gentle or strong. This medicine cleanses & balance all the 7 main Chakra’s, restore Masculine-Feminine harmony, and clears the auric field. It has an incredible quality of lifting you up and grounding you down at the same time. 

As you meditate with Hape, I will use the medicine of Mapacho smoke to clear any cords, attachments or sticky energies hanging on to your body, mind, heart, Spirit and auric field. Mapacho is well known and wonderful at making final cord cuts and clearing residual energies that you’ve struggled to move, no matter what you do. Often these connections are ancient, releasing limiting beliefs and trauma bonds you’ve held within yourself & with others for lifetimes. These are often those things that you’ve been navigating, managing & trying to maintain/understand & release for most or all of your entire life. Karma’s you came in with and your biggest Life Lessons. 

After the Hape and Mapacho has settled, I offer you a full Energy Healing session on the table where all of your chakras will be cleared & balanced. I will apply hands on & above Reiki, use crystals & essential oils as needed. Apply additional grounding, aura cleansing & field repair. As well as offer sound healing using singing bowls & tuning forks, feather clearing with medicine song singing, & other shamanic tools to restore full energetic harmony & balance. 

I will offer you a full energy report of what I found & Spiritual guidance to take home with you. We will finish with a fire ceremony to burn that which you wrote in your intentions you are ready to release, and hang on the back lawn to ground & integrate. 

This is a long healing session and is to be received when you are ready to dive deep into You, release the past, and upgrade into your next evolution. Great for times of heavy transformation in your life, ie: Relationship Rearrangements, Career Changes & Purpose Activations, Transition of Loved Ones, Birth of a Child, Moving Locations. Any major milestone.

If there is any part of this ritual that doesn’t feel comfortable, such as the Hape ceremony or if you struggle with smoke, it can be adapted to your needs. If a 3.5hr block is not available on my Calendly, please email me directly to schedule:

2-2.5hrs: $222

3-3.5hrs: $444


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