Past Life Regression

In a Past Life Regression the Client is regressed to past life using guided imagery and communicative direction. Becoming aware of our past lives creates a profound opportunity to take our healing and transformation to a deeper level. We’ve all lived lifetimes before this current one. Each soul is on their own path of evolution and has lived different quantities and qualities of past lives. Being aware of who we have been allows us to see the wounds, Karma, Spiritual gifts and abilities we have brought into this lifetime.

The lifetime a person visits will always be the one that has the most relevance to their current life situation/s. This is a tool to help others see the patterns of who they have been in their past and how it is impacting the life they are living today. Tracing these patterns helps us deepen our awareness of who we are so we can live more authentic, fulfilling, and impactful lives!

Lisa offers Past Life Regressions in person, over the phone or video chat. Sessions include a healing and integration at the end. Expect 2.5 – 3 hours in length.

3hrs: $275 // Phone, Video & In-Person

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