Integration Alignment Session

Integration is the most important part of any sacred ceremonial experience. 

In this session I will support you to integrate the vast amount of information that can come through any journey & help you connect the dots around the Shamanic Medicine Wheel of Mind->Body->Heart->Spirit. Ensuring that we bring awareness to all quadrant’s of the Whole Self so your ultimate intelligence can come online and you have more access to your life force. 

In the west we are mentally trained & oriented to work mainly from the mind. This is highly limiting because the mind has limited energy every day, and these sessions will support you to bring your intelligence online in the quandrants where you are disconnected, whether that being detached from your body, unbelieving in Spirit, or untrusting of entering your heart due to trauma and pain inflicted when you have opened up in the past. 

I’ve been studying and participating in the Shamanic arts for 10 years so I am trained in helping you see your blindspots and where you need to focus your attention and do you inner work. In any ceremonial experience, a lot can happen. An almost overhwhelming amount to the point where it can be really confusing and disorienting to make sense of your experience. This is where you need the support of a trained facilitator to help you make sense of your journey so you can understand it, apply it practically to your life, and make the most of your investment. 

I will point out your blind spots, help you break down your destructive patterns & highlight where your awareness is lacking to bring it more online so you are connected to your own deeper knowing. Integration is essential to any sacred experience, and often more important than the session itself. When stepping into a sacred session, it’s a very expansive field where much comes up that you don’t know what you don’t know, and a lot of fear, doubt, shame, insecurity (shadow energy) can arise. Integration sessions support you in alchemizing the shadow energy into light. That’s where my shamanic training can help you. 

The Shamanic Methodology I work in is based upon thousands of years of ancient wisdom of alternative healing that people, particularly of the Central & South American regions have been using long before Western Civilization, Modernization, & Allopathic medicine. It has been time-tested and known for addressing the root cause of your issues or symptoms, & not just placing a bandaid on the wound, as we have learned, especially in the US. One session has the potential to integrate and release a core wound that has weighed you down your entire life, perhaps even lifetimes. This is very powerful work.

At its foundation, this work is based on Meaning-Making because what we make things mean is what we create in our lives. It orients our speech, how we create our lives or perhaps limit our livelihood, how we connect with others or don’t feel we have access to. It provides us a space to create belonging for ourselves and bond, two very large emotional needs missing for most humans. It enhances our ability to more deeply connect to ourselves, attract fulfilling friendships, beloveds, community, our purpose, and whatever else we are wanting that is missing from our lives. Transitioning from fear & destructive patterns, to attracting from the embodied vibration of love. Love is the most powerful frequency in the Universe so when our hearts come online, everything else begins to fall into place. 

In these sessions I will be using Maps of Consciousness to help you understand how you shape and create your own reality that you have been taught to me by my Shamanic teacher who is an Ayahauscatographer, born into the Shamanic Healing Arts from Peru, and has been studying & teaching these practices for over 60 years now. 

This session is especially great if you are tired of getting in your own way & creating fear-based meaning making & ready to surrender into deep healing, expansive awareness & want to create meaning that is life-giving. 

In this session I will share with you the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel & how to apply it to your own life.

Journeying & integration opens us up to higher octaves of living we previously didn’t know were possible, I have experienced this numerous times through my 10 years of doing this work. This path is a deep dive into your healing and expansiveness of self, it’s not for amatuers or those faint of heart. This work requires great courage, self-responsibility, honesty, integrity and accountability to one’s energy. Which can be super scary, but extremely empowering once you do so. I will be there supporting you this in the most loving way possible. Holding your hand & providing you the compassion and Spiritual guidance you need. 

One night of sacred experience can equate to 5+ years of traditional therapy, so it can be a lot to integrate, that’s why integration support is an absolute must to get the most out of your experiences. That’s where I come in, to support you in connecting the dots of what your journey showed you and how that ties into how you were molded as a child, highlight what you didn’t have that you deeply needed, to support you through your trauma and core wounds that you just can’t seem to move the needle on.

AND: This work has opened me up to the countless amount of miracles happening in every moment, I just have to open myself up to see and ask to be shown, then trust & believe. This is the work of magic and you will begin to experience it in your daily life if you commit to it and allow yourself to be shown something outside your field of awareness, that’s bigger than you – that only the Universe’s Divine Order can organize – this is called, Synchronicity. The more you do this work, the more aligned you become: Mind Body Heart & Spirit & you will be pleasantly surprised by how connected, cared for, supported & loved you are by your Spirit Guides,Higher Self, Ancestors, Ascended Masters, God, Source-Energy and Universal realm. It has many names and they all equate to the same energy. Choose whatever semantic that aligns best for you. There is no right or wrong.

My core mission and purpose in this life is to open people’s hearts & bring their Spirit’s online. If this calls to you, I invite you to book a session after a sacred experience with me, or after another one with another facilitator or if you did a self-guided session. Sidenote: Be VERY CAREFUL & EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS IN SELF-GUIDED SESSIONS. This is where people can get lost & hurt themselves because they’re trying to guide themselves & do their inner work at the same time in a space they don’t know. I don’t recommend this for beginners.

This work shows us the true operation of this Universe. How we can make the most of our human experience, bring our gifts online, share our complete radiance, & do so with full enthusiasm knowing that granting ourselves permission to shine, grants all of us to do the same.

This session can be in person, over video chat or phone. I suggest 90 minutes for the first integration session, & then we can prorate down to 75 or 60mins based on your needs from there. For new clients I highly recommend committing to 6 months of integration sessions, 1 per month. For returning clients, at least one after each session, or more if you like based off the expansiveness of your journey & how much support you need.

90 Minutes: $175

75 Minutes: $150

60 Minutes: $125

90 Minutes

75 Minutes

60 Minutes