Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a multidimensional method that can be used as a therapeutic aid to anything that brings affliction mentally, emotionally, physically or Spiritually. Lisa uses a combination of Chakra Balancing, Reiki (Masters Certified), and Aura Cleansing to clear blockages held within the energy field to restore balance of mind, body, and Spirit. Session includes grounding, heart opening, connection to your Higher Self and overall calibration to the quantum field where limitless possibilities reside. Returning you to the building blocks of your essential nature. Leave with a feeling of harmony within yourself and the Universe.  
See descriptions for trained techniques used below.
Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing involves connecting with the 7 main chakras of the body by channeling healing and movement into the center so that equilibrium can be restored. Lisa uses a combination of hand movements and placements, along with chanting, sound bowls, noise makers, smudges, crystals, and essential oils to balance the chakras and overall auric field. Typically a person has 1-2 chakras that are out of balance. Harmonizing these centers can bring relief to physical issues, emotional distress, mental agitation and Spiritual conflict. Clients typically leave feeling lighter with a more clear sense of direction and purpose.

Reiki is an energy healing technique that incorporates gentle hand movements on and around the body to channel and guide the flow of healthy, healing energy to the client. Receiving a Reiki session can be deeply restorative, calming and soothing, while producing a feeling of safety, security, healing and warmth. Wonderful to use for general anxiety, times of heavy stress, when undergoing illness or surgery, body dysmorphia/disconnection, eating disorders, a pick-me-up for depressive or melancholy states, and when undergoing major milestones like relationship transitions or loss. 
If you are not local and would like to receive an Energy Healing via phone or video chat, sessions can also be done via distance healing and still have profound healing effects since energy has no boundaries of time or space. It can be channeled to anyone, anywhere.

75 Minutes: $150

90 Minutes $170

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