Lifeboarding through the Chakras

Featuring Lisa Lola, Chakra Goddess

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What’s Lifeboarding?

It’s a new approach to doing a vision board. It’s a three-step process that will result in knowing your vision as well as mapping a journey on how to make it real. Release. Create. Map.


Often, we need to focus our energy in a positive way that makes it work more powerfully for us. Chakra is translated as a spinning disc of energy within us and is connected to the vitality of our holistic approach to life. Using millenniums of knowledge originating with yogis in India, we will explore the energies within you associated with body, mind and heart to build your vision.  In this way, your vision board will be balanced specifically for you.

Join us for a stay-treat

to create your vision and the map for the journey.

October 6 -8, 2018 in Leawood, KS


Yes! Come as you are and sleep in your own bed. This is a family-room experience in a private home. We have designed this experience to give you the ultimate benefits of going home to sleep and reflect in your own space each day. It’s like a retreat without the strange sheets and overpriced minibar. Location only shared with those participating.

Day 1. Release: Friday, October 5, from 7 – 9 pm. We start with getting to know ourselves and each other. We will  enjoy light snacks and beverages to toast the beginning of our journey.

Day 2. Create: Saturday, October 6, from 10 am – 4 pm. We will learn about the Chakra system, balance our personal energies and create individual vision boards. Lunch will be provided along with light snacks and beverages.

Day 3. Map: Sunday, October 7, from 11 am- 2 pm. We will facilitate you through this very important, and often missing step to reach a goal or vision by mapping the journey that will make it a reality.  We combine the power of intentions from Release and Create with the grounding of action-planning. We will end with a powerful integration ceremony. Light snacks and beverages will be provided.

What’s your investment?

You will give $365.

Think of it as a dollar a day for the next year to make your vision into a reality.

You will receive.

Exclusive 12 hours of hands on expertise that provides more personal support than most vision board experiences from two knowledgeable guides in Chakras and planning.

  • A personal journal to continue the Release work at home
  • A full vision board based on the Chakras that you Create with our guidance
  • Tools to continue to continue to Map your journey
  • A sense of balance and well-being to carry forward into your life
  • A free hour-long follow-up with either Lisa Lola for further guidance about Chakras or with Marianne for further guidance about your journey map.

This is limited to 10 individuals only. In this way, each person receives personal, hands on attention for their own experience.

$100 non-refundable deposit will hold your space until August 15, 2018. After this time, we will request payment in full by September 30, 2018.

Click here to create your journey, today.

A little bit about your Lifeboarding through the Chakras guides:

Marianne Carr, Planning Goddess

I’ve been working with Fortune 500 companies for over twenty years with a focus on planning, branding and insights into people’s attitudes and behaviors. My master’s degree is in strategic innovation and change.  I have studied creative problem-solving methodologies for over ten years and have taught adults at the graduate and undergraduate levels. So, it has occurred to me, if some of these theories can work for an organization, why can’t it w
ork for a person? Nothing makes me happier than helping others reach their dreams. Learn more about Lifeboarding at

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Lisa Lola, Chakra Goddess

I’ve been working deeply with the Chakra Energy System for the last five years upon receiving a download from the Universe that this was my purpose in the world. I share this frequency of Chakra energy through a basis of personal healing experience, training, studying with my own healers and guides, and supporting numerous clients. I love offering it as a tool for self-discovery and healing for others. The resonance I feel to the Chakra System is like none other. I have devoted my life to this work, and feel genuinely compelled to offer it to others through teaching and Chakra healing sessions.

Reach out to me: