Space Cleansing & Blessing

Lisa Lola Healing Arts offers Space Cleansing and Blessing. A space that is in energetic balance and harmony creates peace and wellbeing for those who inhabit it. As Spirit Human Beings, we all carry a lot of energy around with us. Some energy is light and supportive, others are heavy and toxic. Having your space blessed and cleansed gives the opportunity for a fresh start and creates the feeling of a clean, clear, and healing atmosphere.

Each service uses sacred agents that have been used to cleanse and bless spaces for 1000’s of years. They include the use of Sage, Palo Santos, Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Herbs and Plant-Based solutions.

For the last part of this service the humans who occupy the space – those living in the home or working at that location – are offered a ceremonial cleansing and blessing of their energy to bring synergy to all forces. This last part of the process really wraps the session up well by unifying everything together as one.


  • moving into new homes and work spaces
  • arrival of new children


  • negative or toxic situations and experiences within families and work places
  • death or illness
  • divorce, separation or breakup and recreating the home under different terms

Places of business where energy is removed, released or heavy traffic: hair salons, massage therapy spaces, restaurants

Other major life milestones

$111 / hour
Contact me for estimates given based on square footage, the number of people participating in ceremonial smudge, and commute. A typical 1000-2000 sqft space with 4 humans is estimated at 1.5 hours with additional travel time.