Channeling is performed by accessing Source Creator and the Spirit realm through the Theta Brain Wave technique. The Theta Brain Wave technique accesses a higher level, slower brain wave frequency that allows clear access to Source and the realm of Spirit.

Through this connection information is revealed for healing, personal growth, self empowerment, and self-realization often directed by guides, deceased loved ones, angels and arch angels, as well as ascended masters, to name a few. A typical channeling session with Lisa Lola has been known to reveal information about past lives, present day messages, and future selves.

Lisa Lola has also had experience communicating with ghosts, ghost imprints and entity attachments who may be sticking around to complete unfinished business, deliver a message, or who may be lost between the human and Spirit planes. Through mediumship and connecting with Source Creator, entities are sent into the light where they must stay by the code of universal law.

30 mins: $50
60 mins: $80

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