Energy Alignment

Energy Alignment provides a space to access and examine your life on a deeper level. It is designed to get to the root of your problems. By asking questions and using intuitive coaching, we will examine what isn’t working by identifying emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that are creating the very circumstances of unworkability. By identifying your energy design, we will work together to somatically release the energy at its core.

In these sessions you can come with a specific idea of what you wish to work on or something general that you feel needs changed . The renewed sense of awareness received in these sessions provides tools to walk a path of self-healing and transformation.

Depending on the complexity and amount of topics you’d like to cover, select if 30 or 60 minutes would work best for you.

30 Minutes: $55 // Phone & Video Only

60 Minutes: $111 // Phone, Video & In-Person

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