January Newsletter

Hola Amigos!

I am just returning from my trip to Guatemala where I co-led a healing and yoga retreat with Lauren Leduc of Karma Tribe Yoga. She’s a master yoga teacher and I got to practice my skills leading energy healing workshops abroad. Here’s a photo of our group above!

The retreat was amazing. Villa Sumaya, the retreat center where we stayed was out-of-this-world spectacular. The views were breathtaking. Located back in some jungly-tree’d forest right on Lake Atitlan, surrounded by 29 volcanoes. Talk about hello Mother Earth! She was so alive all around us, it was hard not to feel her pulse.

The center’s employees and managers were soooo organized too, making it a breeze for Lauren and I to lead. Literally all of our needs were taken care of, so we could focus on our work and holding space for our participants. Lauren has led yoga retreats all over the globe and said this place was the most well run one yet – score!

Everyday started with 630am yoga, meditation, then breakfast and usually some kind of excursion or free time for massage or energy work. Then lunch and energy healing workshops in the afternoon, free time, dinner, and free time before bed.

I was once again reminded how much I love my work. One of my most favorite things in the world is witnessing another’s transformation, there is truly nothing like it. To see someone open up, express themselves, and claim who they are is one of the most empowering experiences to witness. To watch the participants on the retreat move through limiting beliefs, emotional wounds, and family burdens was remarkable. I walked away having learned so much myself and deeply thankful for the opportunity.

Speaking of learning myself, that was one thing I wasn’t expecting to experience so much of on this retreat. I was focused on leading, holding space for others, listening, and providing a compassionate container. Little did I know Guatemala had other plans in store for me.

Physically speaking, I kinda got my butt kicked. I had some pretty terrible stomach issues while there. My digestion system has been my achillies heel since I was a child, a constant teacher for me that didn’t let me off the hook this time – retreat leader or not – and I couldn’t figure out what was going on with it or what I needed to make it better. Upon returning home and seeing my holistic Dr. it appears that I may have had food poisoning, which explains so much!

So much of my experience was related to the healing of my 3rd Chakra, the Solar Plexus. This Chakra holds the stomach, liver connected to the large intestine (hello digestion), as well as our control center, the house for our ego and soul, and our self identity and belonging. I felt all of this challenged on this trip. It fascinates me to see what we experience emotionally is directly tied to us physically. I felt really out of my element there – I’ve haven’t been out of the country in a long time, I’ve never been to Guatemala, I hadn’t led an international retreat before and all the unknown things that come up with that, so I felt VULNERABLE and my body knew it!

I’m also very energetically sensitive – meaning I can feel the energy of people, places, and things deeply – and the energy on Lake Atitlan moved VERY fast. A worker told me Karma moves very fast there, and boy do I believe it. The place is an energy vortex, which are powerful and transformational energy centers where the intersection of natural electromagnetic earth energy lies. Which makes a lot of sense given the large presence of Mother Earth on Lake Atitlan.

To me it felt like churning, spiraling energy moving very fast in the atmosphere, and therefore, inside of me. At night it was so intense that it felt like my third eye and crown couldn’t shut down, and as a result, I didn’t get much sleep. But the odd part was that I wasn’t tired during the day. I was awake, alert, focused and on my game. My body was a little lethargic, but I still moved pretty well throughout the day. Fascinating. Makes you question the whole, “must need 8 hours of sleep every night” jargon, huh?

It was somewhat embarrassing, being a leader and having so many issues with my body assimilating to the land. The experience reminded me that often the best leaders lead through vulnerability, and that we often have to break down the old to rebuild new.

I also saw the power in showing others it’s okay to be human and show emotion. This retreat taught me a large dose of humility and breakdown of my ego, which always wants to get it right and look good. We can get so caught up in thinking we need to be perfect to be leaders in our lives, and in thinking that our leaders need to be perfect, that we all miss a lot of opportunity for growth through imperfection and “mistakes.” Like I’ve said before and I truly believe, our imperfection, flaws, vulnerability, and so called mistakes are a GOLDMINE of information to heal, grow and expand inside ourselves. So let’s begin using them as such!

From this whole trip, really I have my body to thank, for releasing all those emotions I was feeling that manifested as digestion issues/food poisoning. It’s interesting to see what our body will attract – in this case food poisoning – in order to let go of what we no longer need – in this case, fear, control, belonging. And it will also support us in excellerating our growth – manifesting in the form of sleepless nights for me. It really is all how we look at it!

From this perspective, we really are always getting what we need, no matter how hard, painful, or frustrating something is, Spirit is constantly working to support us in bringing up what is incomplete to be made whole again.

I hope you know how whole, perfect and complete you are as you read this, even with all your flaws and imperfections.

Blessings beloveds!


Sleepless Messages from the Divine

Have you ever gone long stints of time without sleep? Where you keep thinking, “tonight’s the night I’m going to rest” and you end up laying awake again, too wired – no matter how tired you are?

You may be doing everything right. Removing coffee from your diet completely, herbal sleepy time tea at night, no electronics for X plus hours before bed. The list goes on and on and on. Still no sleep.

I’ve been going through this off and on for many months now, and I’m finally getting to the place of seeing that this in itself, is a Spiritual awakening.

What I mean by that is, that my body/mind/Spirit is going through some kind of energetic releasing and upgrading process, probably traveling through dimensions of universes and sub space in order to get me aligned to where I need to be as dictated by my Higher Self. And that I asked for this process all along. You know when we set intentions and ask for Spiritual awakening? To grow in mind, body, and Spirit? That not sleeping may be a part of that journey.

As I write this I am coming off of 12 days in which I’ve only slept 4 full nights. 8 of those days I was leading a healing retreat in Guatemala and was getting anywhere from 1 hour – around 4. Talk about a fast pace of Spiritual ascension!

The first night I couldn’t sleep on retreat I kept teetering back and forth from “oh my gosh, how am I going to lead retreat tomorrow when I haven’t slept at all?” to “well, not sleeping is where I am, so this must be where I’m suppose to be, and I know that the Divine has my back no matter what, so I guess I’m not meant to have a full night’s rest for tomorrow’s activities.”

I saw that my energetic state was a direct result of how I chose to respond in my mind. If I chose suffering, the “oh my gosh, this is terrible, how am I going to be able to perform X? Where am I going to find the energy to do Y?” That took me down a rabbit hole of low vibrational energy and I was caught in pushing, suffering and turmoil all day. On the other hand, if I chose to be curious and see how the Divine was working through me by providing this experience of not sleeping, my Spirit stayed high and I gently moved through the day full of ease, flow, and Grace.

There’s something interesting about leaning into the energetics of it. If I’m not able to sleep well, and knowing that all is in perfect, Divine order, then having a full nights rest and being fully energized tomorrow must not be the energy that will completely support me. I must need to be a little tired in body, mentally off in mind, and emotionally more sensitive.

Have you noticed after not sleeping for a night, or 2 or 3, you start to break down, perhaps into emotional release, that you were unable to get too when fully rested? That normally on full sleep, you may not be able to relax and move more slowly through the day, so Spirit’s way of answering your call to linger more, to take things more easy during the day is by withholding rest so you feel tired enough TOO slow down?

These are messages I’ve been hearing Spirit say to me through not sleeping. I hope this may help you make more sense of sleepless nights. Message me lisa@lisalola.net with your sleepless night experiences and what messages from the Divine you’ve been getting. Let’s be in the inquiry together <3

December Newsletter

Happy Holidays Beauties!

I love the holiday season, and it also can be challenging. Another year passed without my dad, it brings up so much. I can feel his Spirit strong, just not quite the same without a physical body. I do enjoy thinking of him and Christmas memories as a child. Important to hold those loved ones tight.

I’ve been growing so much lately. Last month I reflected on the darkness post expansion that Hawaii brought, and now I’ve moved into the learning phase. I’ve worked through, and “been with” a lot of the fear. Allowing myself to feel it to heal it, and I’ve got to say, I do feel lighter. The only way out is through, dear ones. Something I constantly have to remind myself of, and then I’m always surprised when it works, lol. Silly human 🙂

A trick I’ve been using is embracing my fear. When it shows up, I imagine myself wrapping my loving arms around it and pulling it close. I’ve been seeing that these fears are just long, lost parts of me forgotten along the way, needing my compassion and love, my holding and just being there.

I breathe into the fear. If I feel it in my chest, I try to get quiet, lay down and just breathe into those spaces where I feel the fear. It usually feels like restriction. I imagine it looks like these little (or big) balls and various organic shapes that are dark, smoky in color, sometimes really dense with fog or have sharp textures.

Locating where you feel the fear in your body and describing what the fear looks like, with as much detail as possible, is key. The more we get to know our fears, the less charge they hold. Then they transform from fear to this dark, round, smoky ball in the top left quadrant of my chest. That gives me something to work with. It no longer has a hold over me, I now have a clearer picture of what it is, and I can more easily decipher what it needs.

Then the next step is pretty straight forward, however not always obvious – I just give it what it needs – and if that’s not apparent, I may need to ask what I can do to help. Usually the answers are always the same – attention, breathe, space, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, love. Really a pretty simple formula, not so easy for most of us to apply, that only get’s easier with practice.

It’s just scary because we’re not taught how to go into our fears. Our natural inclination is toward pleasure and away from pain. So we resist, push under the rug, and they continue to rule our lives in ways that can be hard to see. Through acting out, coping behaviors, addiction, and dis-ease.

The pain is where gold is though. It’s a mine of information, salvation, and freedom. It’s usually the beginning of any new creation – think of how often we are moved to create out of something we’ve suffered from – and it’s included in any process known to man. Pain is just as much of us as love, and we need both to truly live.

I came across a quote on Facebook the other day and although I don’t usually post a lot on my personal page, I was moved to share. “Sometimes we’d never know what’s wrong without the pain.” Isn’t that so true. We would have no idea what parts of us need attention if we couldn’t feel the pounding in our head, the aching of our heart, or the cut on our knee. We need the pain to know. To know what needs tending too. To know what is calling out for love.

So put simply, pain is just a call to love. A call to bear arms around yourself, around another. To love, Love, LOVE with your whole being.

May you feel the love and joy of this holiday season and everyday beloveds. May you share that love with yourself as much as you can, and even more in the face of fear and pain. For they are only parts of you, calling out your name.

Happy Holidays, all my love

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Lisa <3

November Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,

Last month I spoke about all of the beauty, light and expansion of my trip to the Hawaiian islands. Today, and lately, I have been experiencing the opposite – the ugly, darkness, and contraction. Woof. It’s hard being a Spirit in a human body sometimes.

What I’ve been present too lately is So. Much. Fear. Like crazy, crippling, unbridled fear. I’ve constantly been feeling on edge and like the boogy man is lurking in the bushes. My central nervous system and adrenals have been taking a major hit, my sleep has been less and irregular, and I haven’t had much of an appetite. Often we don’t even realize how much stress and anxiety impact us physically. Fear literally contracts the body in to protect, leaving us with stiff joints, sore muscles, a spinning mind and an aching heart.

At times like these I still find myself in moments of questioning, am I strong enough for this? Can I actually hold myself? I think this may be too much for me, I need to bow out. Yet, each time I stand in the heat of fire, 3 things happen.

  1. I prove to myself how strong I am
  2. That I can take more then I think
  3. I see that although the heat hurts, and sucks, it’s just heat.

It’s just a process I’m going through in life, it’s just the next thing up for me to experience, learn, and grow from. May sound easy, but when times get intense, I find myself trying to pull myself back so I can fully see what’s happening. Perhaps I’ve “messed up” in some way. I see that the other person who may be mad, is just feeling and expressing an emotion, and most likely just needs to get it out, and most importantly – that this feeling/experience won’t last forever. Amen to that.

And I grow. It’s often hard and it hurts. I often want to run away and hide, not face the boogy man. I’m exhausted and want it all to go away. But I take a breath, step back, and see this was all brought here for me. This obstacle is an opportunity for my growth.

Happy Fall and Thanksgiving beauties, much gratitude for your love <3
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Lisa <3

October Newsletter

Aloha Beloveds!

I just got home from Maui, it is soooooooo beautiful there! That place consistently lit up my heart in a way I’ve rarely experienced. It felt like my heart was radiating out joy for the entirety of my trip, sometimes I could barely contain my enthusiasm!

During my trip, it felt like the land was constantly speaking to me, like I could hear Mama Maui guiding me toward love in a whole new way. For weeks I experienced being fully guided from Spirit with little mind direction or control. It was blissful. It felt like I took myself apart, softened any hard edges, and put myself back together again. I could feel my system upgrading, taking in more light frequency and raising my vibration. Requiring the old to be released in order for the new to come in. She assisted me in completing a lot of old patterns and healing karmic wounds held for lifetimes. It felt good to let go and follow essence. I feel lighter upon returning home.

Maui is known as the heart chakra. When I found this out I squealed in joy. It made So. Much. Sense! My first two weeks in Kauai felt like Spiritual surgery. Kauai feels like an ancient grandmother, full of wisdom and holding. It was as though she went into my operating system and moved things around, took energy out and completely opened me up. Then upon traveling to Maui it felt like healing and recovery time from a younger, joyous energy. Maui’s heart regenerated my field and enlivened my Spirit, assisting me with the transition to this new, higher relational space. Into this new place of deepened love, joy, and psychic awareness.

The land is so rich in the Hawaiian Islands. Everything is so alive. Which made me feel ALIVE! I could literally FEEL all of Mother Nature’s energy. So vibrant, free and flowing. Retreating to a place that has so much diverse plant life and natural blessings has SUCH a tremendous healing effect on the body, mind, and Spirit – Did I mention there are 9 days left to sign up for my Guatemala Magic Yoga + Healing Retreat?? 🙂 Click here and see info below!

For example, when I looked at Haleakala – Maui’s biggest volcano – I felt this sense of such wisdom and sovereignty. When I listened to the crashing waves of the ocean, I felt Father Sea washing away emotional turmoil and angst. When I felt the sun shining down on my skin, I felt the old burning away. When I felt the sand between my toes, I felt the grounding and holding of Mama Cocha – our Great Mother.

I have such gratitude for those lands. They offer so many blessings and teachings – all free of charge – if you get quiet, trust and listen. I rarely listened to music or watched anything. The abundance surrounding me was more then enough to keep my senses engaged. It was such a unique opportunity to go off-grid and completely disengage from everything outside of me. I went internal, focused on nurturing myself from the inside out. Focused on grounding my new light body, clearing blocks to love, connecting to my Higher Self, and healing my heart.

Upon arriving in Maui, I went through a series of days where I would break into tears. I felt like Maui broke open my heart and new light was shining through the cracks. Tears of sweet release in deep reverence for the land and Spirit. Thank you Spirit, for directing me there. Thank you to mySelf, for listening.

While in Kauai I asked why she brought me to the island. She informed me it was to expand my heart within my energy healing work, so I could be of greater service to humanity. Then I was directed to Maui, to continue the heart healing process in the heart chakra of Earth.

What I learned from this trip, is how important it is to get away and take time to connect with one’s Self. How necessary it is to go into the silence and listen to the beating of your Sacred Heart. To ask your internal guidance what it needs. To ask your Self what it wants. How rich nature is in it’s ability to heal, excite and inspire our senses. How Spirit is always guiding us to exactly where we need to be. How taking the time to heal – even from the day to day – is crucial for our Soul’s growth, health and expansion.

Thank you Kauai. Thank you Maui. Thank you to my partner for supporting me in taking such a long voyage – and joining me for a portion of it! Thank you to my community for believing in me. Thank you to my clients for your love and well wishes. Thank you to Spirit for your beauty and abundance.


Guatemala Magic Yoga + Healing Retreat……
If you also have been receiving the call to travel, there are 9 days left to register for this magical journey with my co-leader Lauren Leduc of Karma Tribe Yoga! Think lush nature, volcanoes, monkey’s, fruit trees, crystal water, and Mother Earth. Sure to be grounding, restorative and healing. Click here to register!

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You can also catch me leading my weekly Chakra Balancing Mediation at Karma Tribe Yoga resuming Sunday, October 22nd from 6-730pm. (Deep Stretch w/ Hilari 6-7, Mediation 7-730)

Energy Healing Program……
I will also be starting up my Energy Healing Program again for individuals interested in taking a deep dive into their Self-Healing. No matter what the area of focus – be it healing from a breakup, toxic relationship, eating disorder, unbalanced lifestyle, grief, or if you just desire to experience more love and joy in your life and would like assistance in balancing your energy field – this program is customized for each individual’s needs. Through set intention, a series of energy healing practices, reflection and integration, I will assist you in releasing blocks to love through Spiritual guidance and energy tracking. Email me to be put on the consideration list.

If you’d like to see photo’s from my trip, I posted almost religiously to my Facebook Business Page and IG account. So much to feast your eyes on!

Mahalo Mermaids!

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*Guatemala Magic: Yoga & Healing Retreat ~ Lake Atitlan. January 6-13, 2018. Still spaces left!

*Chakra Basics Oct 28th: 1-3pm @ Surya Yoga. Olathe, KS. Learn what the chakra’s are and why they are an important part of maintaining a healthy Mind, Body & Spirit.

*Deep Stretch + Chakra Balancing Meditation: Sunday Evenings 6-730pm @ Karma Tribe Yoga.

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Lisa <3

September Newsletter

Bon Voyage, September 🙂

Hello beauties! I’m currently in the process of getting everything ready for my big trip to the Hawaiian Islands. I leave this Sunday. I can’t remember the last time I felt THIS excited about something!

I love how the universe works, ya know? As soon as I said “yes” to taking this trip, things that have been difficult started to align, the fog began to lift and newfound insight came through, and places where I’ve been feeling “stuck” started to shift. It’s truly amazing to witness what I call, “energy alignment in action.” Where all the forces-that-be finally unite and move together toward the same destination.

When we say “yes” to what we know is right for our deepest selves and most authentic expression, everything just starts to work out, almost effortlessly. We are tapped into the state of “flow” where it literally feels like the universe has our backs, and we may actually feel support and energetic holding from an invisible, intangible, higher power.

Just writing that makes my whole system sream YES!!!!!! Yes to being in the flow! Yes to my highest expression! Yes to universal alignment! Yes to living life as nothing other then mySelf!

What have you been feeling called to do for-ever and haven’t done yet? Could that be what’s keeping you blocked in certain areas of your life? What parts of yourself have you been holding back and not allowing? What if getting support could be exactly what you need to move through some gnarly places that life has thrown upon you?

I’ll be starting up my Energy Healing Program again this fall November 1st for those interested in deep healing and movement in their lives. We will focus on what’s energetically blocking you right now – mentally, emotionally, physically, Spiritually – and create connection, perspective, and healing. Due to the volume of attention each participant receives, there are only a small number of spaces available for this program. Email me @ lisa@lisalola.net if you’d like to be put on the waiting list. Be on the lookout for more information to come in the next month!

If you also have been receiving the call to travel, there are still spaces left for my Yoga & Healing Retreat in Guatemala with Karma Tribe Yoga owner Lauren Leduc. Think lush nature, volcanoes, monkey’s, fruit trees, crystal water, and Mother Earth. Sure to be grounding, restorative and healing. Click here or check out the link below!

Once I return from my trip I’ll begin seeing clients on Oct. 23rd. Contact me via email to lisa@lisalola.net to schedule yours in advance. I’ll be checking my email along the way and will get back to you when I can. Mahalo!

Upcoming & Reoccurring Events
*Chakra + Juice Class: This class that was originally scheduled for 2 weeks ago has been postponed until late this fall or over the winter season. Be on the lookout for rescheduled event email & registration!

*Chakra Basics Class Oct 20th: 7-9pm in Brookside. Learn what the chakra’s are and why they are an important part of maintaining a healthy Mind, Body & Spirit.

*Chakra Basics Class Oct 21st: 1-3pm @ Surya Yoga. Olathe, KS. More details to come.

*Guatemala Magic: Yoga & Healing Retreat ~ Lake Atitlan. January 6-13, 2018.

*Deep Stretch + Chakra Balancing Meditation: Sunday Evenings 6-730pm @ Karma Tribe Yoga. FYI: I will not be teaching this class until I return Oct. 22nd. Hilari Gray will be leading Sept 24. My teacher Dr. Matt Turner will be leading Oct. 1, 8 & 15.

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Lisa <3

August Newsletter

Hello August, big things are happening!

Right now I’m really present to how much is unfolding in my life. I’m witnessing myself manifest my intentions, and when I look back, I see that I’ve known what was going to happen all along. It wasn’t so easy to see in the moment, but it reaffirms that I can trust myself and that I am always being taken care of.

My biggest, most recent manifestation is participating at an intensive in Kauai I’ve been trying to do for 3 years! (Hallelujah!!) As well as creating an extended vacation to visit Maui while I’m over there. My psyche can’t even comprehend the magnitude of this alignment.

Traveling is something I’ve always wanted to do, but have also been scared of. Fear of the unknown and it pushes my control issue buttons. This year I sensed that beginning to instill travel in my life was going to be an important step to take. That I needed to literally expand my horizons and strengthen my energy field by getting out of my comfort zone, and opening up to the pulsation of life. This trip to Hawaii represents so many things for me:

  • Strength: After going through a lot this year that’s left me feeling like I’m on really shaky ground, this trip is providing a platform to reaffirm my inner strength and continue to build myself. To stand stronger in myself and want I want in life.
  • Action: When life gets turned upside down, it can be hard to keep pushing and going when all you want to do is crumble and eat cake. This trip is assisting me in getting back to taking action in my life. To not be a passerby of circumstances, but to really be the orchestrator of my life.
  • Confidence: That yes I can do this! I’m worthy! That I deserve all the joy, glory and bliss in the world!
  • Trust: The biggest piece of creating this whole trip. Trust in spending so much money and resources on something that currently lives as a dream. Trust that the money will come back 10-fold from giving myself this time to heal, explore, and connect to my deeper Self. Trust that I will be taken care of and I will be okay.

Last night I was reminded by Spirit of the phrase, “sometimes you have to spend money to make money.” When we try to hold onto all of our abundance for fear of losing it and not having enough, it creates a block in the field for money to go out, and come in. The universal law of giving and receiving is thwarted. Instantly I saw how I was creating a fear of scarcity, and how allowing the money to flow out for something that will support my growth and abundance will surely come back to thank me in all of her heightened glory 🙂

This isn’t to say I can go around spending money irresponsibility, but to develop a deeper relationship with the energy of abundance. When I’m in integrity with my finances and using my resources for the highest good, I am in alignment to live my most prosperous life.

If you’re in the realm of creating more travel, growth and discovery into your life, check out my Yoga & Healing Retreat in Guatemala. Link below!

Lastly, a head’s up I will be leaving for my trip starting Sept 24th and will be gone 3-4 weeks. Contact me if you’d like to schedule a session before I leave. Mahalo!

Upcoming & Reoccurring Events
*Mark Your Calendars ~ Chakra + Juice Class: Sept 10th from 12-2pm at Simple Science Juices in the Crossroads. Facebook + Registration coming soon!

*Guatemala Magic: Yoga & Healing Retreat ~ Lake Atitlan. January 6-13, 2018.

*Deep Stretch + Chakra Balancing Meditation: Sunday Evenings 6-730pm @ Karma Tribe Yoga.

To stay up to date on my events, check out the new Events page on my website: lisalola.net/events

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Natural Healing Synchronicity

I’ve had an interesting synchronicity happen lately. Just before I found out that I had an “alarmingly high amount of asbestos in my lungs” from my homeopathic doctor; I received an email from a guy sharing how he was a cancer patient of mesothelioma.net, a leading online resource for cancer patients. He had found my work related to the chakra’s and included a link to an article they published on chakra therapy, hoping I might share the information to anyone who may benefit.

The article is Mesothelioma and Natural Chakra Healing and I encourage you to check out this information as any of us are susceptible to the disease.

I had heard of mesothelioma, but wasn’t sure what it was. I reviewed the article and read that mesothelioma occurs from asbestos poisoning. I meant to message the guy back, but life got busy and a few weeks passed by. I kept thinking of the article and asking Spirit why this guy found me and reached out to me of all people about it’s connection to natural chakra healing. There are tons of resources for chakra/natural energy healing workers.

I continued to wait, feeling like the sign would come eventually, I just wasn’t seeing it yet. Then it came time to meet with my homeopathic doctor to receive my test results.  And there it was, the reason why this man with asbestos poisoning contacted me about the possibilities of chakra healing, because I had high amounts of asbestos in my respiratory track as well.

Before I move on let me be clear, LOTS of people have asbestos in their lungs and don’t even know it, and it NEVER escalates to the stage of mesothelioma. Many continue to live normal healthy lives. I believe mine is nowhere close to the stage of mesothelioma, but it is enough to need to “do something” and I’m taking the directions as prescribed by my DR.

I find this occurrence fascinating on so many levels. The first being, NATURAL ways to treat disease! The article states, “many with mesothelioma have turned to alternative forms of treatment, and with great success. Natural chakra healing is a complementary form of energy therapy that is generally used in combination with other treatments.”

This is the kind of thing I live for and what makes me soooooo passionate about doing my work! To see the tables turning back to the inclusion of natural healing methods. To see options beyond harsh chemical therapies, huge medical risks and high insurance claims. To see ancient healing methods used by our ancestors be a credited conversation.

I do believe that all healing starts and ends, within. Our body is made of energy. Our bodies manifest from intention and energy. The chakra’s are the body’s energy anatomy. When we heal the energy centers, we heal the body. Healing the energy heals the ROOT of dis-ease. “Different types of natural chakra healing can potentially help patients with mesothelioma battle the debilitating illness.”

The second thing I find fascinating about this is the all-knowing, connectedness of the universe hand delivering this information directly to my inbox. When we surrender our resistance and allow, the Spirit of energy flows freely  and links us up with everything exactly like we need.

AHO to dropping into the relative field of acceptance, receiving, and healing.

July Newsletter

Hello Hot July!

Life is so interesting isn’t it? Never know what’s coming our way or how things will be presented to us. We think we’ve completed something and then another layer bubbles to the surface. Being human can be exhausting sometimes!

I found out something very interesting about myself this week, I have alarming amounts of asbestos in my lungs. I’m the healthiest I’ve been in over a decade and yet I somehow managed to inhale high amounts of asbestos at some point in time and it chose to show up now. If you’re not sure what asbestos is, google it, it’s a poisonous fiber used in the construction of buildings from around 1930-1970.

I have no idea where I got it from. People who contract asbestos poisoning may not show symptoms for up to 40 years. Regardless, if left untreated it can result in life-threatening illnesses.

Now, do I share this out of fear and to have you worry about me? No. I’m going to be fine. Besides an extremely itchy rash, somewhat constricted chest and shortness of breath, I’m great. I believe we’ve caught it early and I’m confident through immune boosting activities and food elimination as my DR recommended, I’ll be able to heal this thing.

What’s interesting to me is the emotional component to physical manifestations. My DR shared aliments and constrictions to the chest and respiratory system stems to the emotion of grief. A light bulb immediately went off, I have been processing A LOT of grief in the last 3 months. When I tune into where the grief lives in my body, I can feel my chest constrict and my breath get shallow. This emotion definitely has a physical response.

I also know that I’ve repressed some of the grief, because it became just too much to bear. I needed a break from the grief. Energy never just goes away though, it must be redirected to be released from our system. So if I push the emotion of grief down, it doesn’t make it disappear, it just puts it further down in my energetic body. And IT WILL MAKE AN IMPACT ON MY LIFE. I may start to sabotage my relationships to fight back the grief, I may go numb to not feel it, the grief needs a way out, and if I don’t allow it a healthy mode of transportation, IT WILL ACT OUT.

Am I saying to feel things all the time and constantly work at getting them out for fear of holding them in? No. Use wisdom and compassion to guide your needs. At times we do need a break from the deep sadness, we do need to put the tears down for a while and go laugh and have fun with our friends. However, it’s important to be honest with yourself, and aware of what emotions you may need to come back to at a later time when it feels like you’re stronger and in a better position to work with them.

What physical ailments or dis-ease are you experiencing? What does the emotion behind the dis-ease feel like? We must acknowledge the root for true healing to take place.

Take care of yourselves dear ones, sending all the love from my-itchy-scratchy-self 🙂

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June Newsletter

Yay it’s SUMMER! This time of year takes me back to when I was a kid. Running around outside on the farm, riding my bike and jumping on the trampoline, and going swimming at the pool. Anything I could do to get outside and have fun with my friends!

And not much has changed, I still love all those things, and fully believe in the power of getting the body active to move stuck and hurting energy!

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of physical movement, lots of walks and yoga and a little swimming, and it feels dang good. Getting the body active is especially key when challenges arise and life get’s difficult. I’ve had a pretty big life upset recently that has left my head spinning, heart hurting and energy frantic. Feeling like I didn’t have a solid leg to stand on, I had to get serious about taking care of myself.

Getting outside, having the sun shine down upon me, breathing in fresh air and hanging out in the trees helps me find calm, clarity, and grounding. I’ve been asking Spirit daily for strength, self-love and peace; and it comes in waves. I’m learning that no emotion or feeling lasts forever, and that radical self-care and love is the best way to take care of myself in such times of despair.

May we all come to know our deepest needs, find strength in our darkest hours, and give love to ourselves unabashedly.

Aho lovelies ~

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