July Newsletter

Hello Hot July!

Life is so interesting isn’t it? Never know what’s coming our way or how things will be presented to us. We think we’ve completed something and then another layer bubbles to the surface. Being human can be exhausting sometimes!

I found out something very interesting about myself this week, I have alarming amounts of asbestos in my lungs. I’m the healthiest I’ve been in over a decade and yet I somehow managed to inhale high amounts of asbestos at some point in time and it chose to show up now. If you’re not sure what asbestos is, google it, it’s a poisonous fiber used in the construction of buildings from around 1930-1970.

I have no idea where I got it from. People who contract asbestos poisoning may not show symptoms for up to 40 years. Regardless, if left untreated it can result in life-threatening illnesses.

Now, do I share this out of fear and to have you worry about me? No. I’m going to be fine. Besides an extremely itchy rash, somewhat constricted chest and shortness of breath, I’m great. I believe we’ve caught it early and I’m confident through immune boosting activities and food elimination as my DR recommended, I’ll be able to heal this thing.

What’s interesting to me is the emotional component to physical manifestations. My DR shared aliments and constrictions to the chest and respiratory system stems to the emotion of grief. A light bulb immediately went off, I have been processing A LOT of grief in the last 3 months. When I tune into where the grief lives in my body, I can feel my chest constrict and my breath get shallow. This emotion definitely has a physical response.

I also know that I’ve repressed some of the grief, because it became just too much to bear. I needed a break from the grief. Energy never just goes away though, it must be redirected to be released from our system. So if I push the emotion of grief down, it doesn’t make it disappear, it just puts it further down in my energetic body. And IT WILL MAKE AN IMPACT ON MY LIFE. I may start to sabotage my relationships to fight back the grief, I may go numb to not feel it, the grief needs a way out, and if I don’t allow it a healthy mode of transportation, IT WILL ACT OUT.

Am I saying to feel things all the time and constantly work at getting them out for fear of holding them in? No. Use wisdom and compassion to guide your needs. At times we do need a break from the deep sadness, we do need to put the tears down for a while and go laugh and have fun with our friends. However, it’s important to be honest with yourself, and aware of what emotions you may need to come back to at a later time when it feels like you’re stronger and in a better position to work with them.

What physical ailments or dis-ease are you experiencing? What does the emotion behind the dis-ease feel like? We must acknowledge the root for true healing to take place.

Take care of yourselves dear ones, sending all the love from my-itchy-scratchy-self 🙂

Upcoming & Reoccurring Events
*Guatemala Magic: Yoga & Healing Retreat ~ Lake Atitlan. January 6-13, 2018.

*Deep Stretch + Chakra Balancing Meditation: Sunday Evenings 6-730pm @ Karma Tribe Yoga.

To stay up to date on my events, check out the new Events page on my website: lisalola.net/events

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June Newsletter

Yay it’s SUMMER! This time of year takes me back to when I was a kid. Running around outside on the farm, riding my bike and jumping on the trampoline, and going swimming at the pool. Anything I could do to get outside and have fun with my friends!

And not much has changed, I still love all those things, and fully believe in the power of getting the body active to move stuck and hurting energy!

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of physical movement, lots of walks and yoga and a little swimming, and it feels dang good. Getting the body active is especially key when challenges arise and life get’s difficult. I’ve had a pretty big life upset recently that has left my head spinning, heart hurting and energy frantic. Feeling like I didn’t have a solid leg to stand on, I had to get serious about taking care of myself.

Getting outside, having the sun shine down upon me, breathing in fresh air and hanging out in the trees helps me find calm, clarity, and grounding. I’ve been asking Spirit daily for strength, self-love and peace; and it comes in waves. I’m learning that no emotion or feeling lasts forever, and that radical self-care and love is the best way to take care of myself in such times of despair.

May we all come to know our deepest needs, find strength in our darkest hours, and give love to ourselves unabashedly.

Aho lovelies ~

Upcoming & Reoccurring Events
*Intro to the Chakra’s Workshop: Saturday, June 24th from 12-6pm. $80

*Goddess Weekend: Nourishing & Loving Your Body. Saturday, July 15 & 16 @ Karma Tribe Yoga. Contact me for details.

*Deep Stretch + Chakra Balancing Meditation: Sunday Evenings 6-730pm @ Karma Tribe Yoga.

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May Newsletter

Hello and Happy Last Day of May Beloved’s!

I wanted to share with you a podcast where I was interviewed by my friend Sara who created a podcast called Intuition Today.

Sara describes this podcast as Finding Your True North: Learn how to recognize your intuition and develop it as the tool it was meant to be.

When I found out Sara had started this project, I was immediately excited for her and wanted to share my story since the majority of what connected me to create Lisa Lola Healing Arts was using my intuition.

To hear me talk about how I developed and strengthened my own intuition to help heal myself, create my own passionate business, and facilitate my clients along their own healing journey, listen here: Lisa Lola – Creating Sensory Bookmarks.

Intuition Today is available on iTunes and Soundcloud.

May we all use the divine, all knowing voice that lives in each of us to connect to the innate wisdom within, to create a life we love; full of magic, vibrancy, and prosperity.


Upcoming & Reoccurring Events
*Journey through the Chakra’s
4 Part Series
June 17th, 1-3pm: Part 1 ~ Overview & Chakra 1 (Root)
June 17th, 4-6pm: Part 2 ~ Chakra 2 & 3 (Sacral & Solar Plexus)
June 24th, 1-3pm: Part 3 ~ Chakra 4 & 5 (Heart & Throat)
June 24th, 4-6pm: Part 4 ~ Chakra 6 & 7 (Third Eye & Crown)
Take one class or all. To register, click the link above.

*Deep Stretch + Chakra Balancing Meditation: Sunday Evenings 6-730pm @ Karma Tribe Yoga.

*Slow Flow Yoga + Meditation: Wednesday Evenings 6-730pm with KC Urban Yoga @ Heart of the Dove 2nd Floor Event Center. $10

To stay up to date on my events, check out the new Events page on my website: lisalola.net/events

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April Newsletter

It’s April ~ Hooray!

I’ve always liked April even more then I do March. It’s getting even warmer, the landscape grows more lush and green, some spectacular rainstorms with lightning and thunder – all the liveliness in the air!

What’s been going on over here in Lisa Lola’s world? I feel like I’ve been in a holding pattern for the past month after coming out of the Guilt theme that March held. Almost like my body needed time to recover and reorganize itself after moving through so much deep, wrenching Guilt, before it could stabilize and move on to the next thing up in my evolution.

This has left me feeling like I’m waiting around for something. Even while still keeping busy with clients, projects, and upcoming workshops. Not knowing what this “something” is, I can feel it happening beneath the surface of my consciousness. I know I’m not ready to receive it yet, but that I’m in a holding process of preparing for it.

I’m good with that too, not knowing right now. It allows space for me to focus on what I need to be doing, which is holding, pausing……all things that are still actions inside of presence. I presently choose to hold. I presently choose to be inside the pause. Yes, these actions are more passive in being, but active doing-ness or being-ness is not always what our systems call for, and are in fact, a detriment. Making space for the pause allows me to move through the process with grace and ease.

There is an elemental model consisting of 4 phases we work and live inside of throughout our life journey’s. This one operates within a year cycle and separates quarterly. They are Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. Depending on what type of person you are and where you’re at in your evolution, determines what stages you stay in a little longer then others, which ones you may get stuck in, or completely skip altogether.

*The Earth Phase being a time where you may be experiencing “going through the mud,” “chopping wood, carrying water.” All of the down and dirty work that needs to be done. Requires attention to detail. meticulousness, and repetition. You feel like you have little resources to give externally. You’re in the “doing” part of the process that is focused inward.

*The Fire Phase being the time where your creative juices are really flowing and you’re creating things left and right. Your ideas and drive are abundant and you want to go fast. You’re feeling very inspired and it’s hard to relax and slow down. You have more then enough resources to give. You’re in the “doing” part of the process that is focused outward.

*The Water Phase being the time where things are just flowing. You don’t even have to do much work and clients are coming in, things are just working, you’re “in the zone.” Life is full of ease, joy and synchronicity. You have ample resources to share. Balanced amounts of being and doing focused inward and outward.

*The Air Phase being the time where things may or may not slow down outside of you, but you have adjusted to their speed, and you feel more slowed down inside. Almost feels like you’re floating along through life, just existing. This is a time for receiving, relaxation, rejuvination, and celebration. You’re in the being part of the process focused outward or a combination of both.

I feel like I am in the Air phase, which brings some un-comfortability for me. A lot of Earthy, Fiery people find this phase  confusing because they don’t know what to do – which is nothing! It feels uncomfortable because it doesn’t feel familiar. It can feel weird to not know what to do when you hit this phase, especially as a Virgo Sun/Leo Moon person and solo entrepreneur – I should be doing something to move myself and my business forward! What is it?!

I remember when I hit this phase last year and completely passed over it as most people do. It felt so counter-productive to me to not be doing anything that I just pushed through it, with very little to show, (because I was suppose to be relaxing and receiving). And because I wasn’t suppose to create much or “do” much in this phase. This time was meant for me to relax from all of my hard work, celebrate my successes and effort, and allow my body to restore for the next phase.

A few other reasons why this stage can be hard for some: 1) We don’t know how to relax, it feels weird and like we should be doing something. 2) Most humans don’t live in being, we live in doing. We don’t know who to be unless we’re doing. 3) It can feel uncomfortable to celebrate ourselves. It may make us feel egotistical, question our worth, and create judgements of comparison to ourselves and others. But don’t let your lower self fool you, you NEED this stage to heal, create, and prosper!

Much love, awareness and ease to you all as you move through these elemental phases of your life!

Upcoming & Reoccurring Events
To stay up to date on my events, check out the new Events page on my website: lisalola.net/events
*Conscious Connection Retreat: Join me & Lauren Leduc of Karma Tribe Yoga for a local weekend retreat of yoga, meditation, hiking, and healing in nature! May 12-14. Book by May 1st here!
*Deep Stretch + Chakra Balancing Meditation: Sunday Evenings 6-730pm @ Karma Tribe Yoga. Donation
*Slow Flow Yoga + Meditation: Wednesday Evenings 6-730pm with KC Urban Yoga @ Heart of the Dove 2nd Floor Event Center. $10

Contact me at lisa@lisalola.net for questions or concerns.


March Newsletter

Happy March Everyone!

Historically I have always liked March because the season starts to change. The weather typically starts to get a little warmer, you begin to see nature come to life, and my mood usually shifts for the better. I often begin to feel lighter in body, which makes me feel lighter in mind, and more joyful in Spirit.

Although for the last 4 weeks or so, I have definitely not been on the lighter side of things. Life has been “hard.” I’ve been running into my shadow all over the place (the uncomfortable and sometimes downright terrible parts of yourself that are challenging and triggering) and I’ve struggled to find the light – even though “I know” it’s there.

The light lives in our hearts, in the silver lining of things, the positives, in gratitude for what we do have. However when we’re feeling very low resonating emotions such as Guilt, Shame, and Fear, it can be incredibly difficult to pull ourselves out and reconnect with the light inside of us and all around us.

I have SO MUCH  to be grateful for! I have a BEAUTIFUL life!! However yes, I still do experience feelings like the ones I listed above, and at times – like lately – I have felt them in the ugliest of ways. Last week I came into head-on contact with a core wound within me named Guilt. If you know anything about core wounds, they are the deepest and the most sacred.

Guilt and I have had a relationship since I was a young girl. I can remember at about 4 years old feeling my first experience of Guilt. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I remember feeling Guilt for the people around me. Guilty if they were hurting, Guilt if someone had done something to them, if things weren’t fair for them, all of this Guilt for other people that I had no part of! What was wrong with me?! Already an empath at 4 years old, most likely born one.

Guilt and I reconnected last week and we’ve been dancing for days. It has been terrible. Lol. And humbly beautiful. Guilt has reminded me of my human-ness, to take better care of mySelf and those around me that I love; to be kind, and clear and gentle with my words, to speak from my heart and speak the truth.

I notice inside of my experience with Guilt that it feels EXTREMELY uncomfortable. Like I want to pull off all my skin and run for the hills. It is extremely hard for me to sit with, which I know is the only thing that will allow it to pass. All of our feelings wish to be felt, are like a child needing our attention and desire to be seen.

I can feel this Guilt I’ve been experiencing runs deep, generational, and has lived within me for a long time, beyond my time in this life. It is something I brought with me, making it a sacred teacher. Sacred wounds are the ones that will teach us the most about ourselves and our lives in this existence. Although there is a lot of fear in addressing them and discomfort in feeling them, they hold the keys to our greatest transformation and liberation.

So I’ve been sitting, and crying, and meditating, and journaling, and getting upset, and pushing away, and coming back, allowing myself to work through the process of healing this Guilt. I can feel that the transformation of this Guilt will open up so much for me. I can feel in the commitment to my freedom, it must be addressed.

Do I know when I’ll be done processing this Guilt? No idea. Could take years. Could take days or 1 more time. Our generational healing is not in the outcome, it exists within the process. So I let myself journey.

Light and love to all of you experiencing hard times and those who are already on the lighter side of things this Spring ~ <3

Upcoming & Reoccurring Events
To stay up to date on my events, check out the new Events page on my website: lisalola.net/events
*Journey into the Heart w/ Sedona Alvarez: March 25th from 2:30-4:30pm @ Karma Tribe Yoga. Suggested Donation $25-35. Learn More & Register
*Open Your Heart to the Love that You Are: March 26th from 1-2:30pm @ Heart of the Dove in KC Urban Yoga 2nd Floor Event Center. Cost $20. Learn More & Register
*Chakra Basics: April 8th from 4:30-6pm @ Heart of the Dove in KC Urban Yoga 2nd Floor Event Center. Cost $20. Learn More & Register
*Deep Stretch + Chakra Balancing Meditation: Sunday Evenings 6-730pm @ Karma Tribe Yoga. Donation at Door
*Slow Flow Yoga + Meditation: Wednesday Evenings 6-730pm with KC Urban Yoga @ Heart of the Dove 2nd Floor Event Center. $10

Contact me at lisa@lisalola.net for questions or concerns.


February Newsletter

Hello and Happy February – Or Not!

Lol. February is one of THOSE months. Ya know, the ones we long to be over and feel like we are just “trudging through.”

Although I have had a hard time with the early months of the year – specifically January and February – for most of my life, (I’m hot weather, sunny, beach-type person) 2017 has probably brought the easiest Jan and Feb I’ve had in a long time. Historically these have been the months where I am struggling the most with depression, hopelessness and fear. And I’ve been hearing similar feelings from clients and friends. However I haven’t been exactly in the same boat this year, not even close really.

This year Jan and Feb have brought about MUCH creation and I’m seeing these months as an opportunity to “go inside” to our Innermost Selves for some house keeping and just Being. There is always a silver lining. If we choose to reside in areas where the winter months can grow long with overcast and cold, we can take the weather as a sign to tend to our inner garden, develop our self care, and drop in to the remembering of who we essentially are.

2017 has been exciting for me thus far. It has been the most tapped into my creative expression in Years. And I do mean YEARS. Creativity has always been something baffling to me once I became a pre-teen. It was something I longed for, however didn’t think I could have since I thought you were only creative if you were a good artist. And no matter how hard I tried, my art projects were okay, but they weren’t phenomenal creations like other kids in class. This continued as I tried and tried through High School and College, not realizing my crazy ability and connection to dance my whole life was my creative expression. Looking back I see that was my outlet now.

Once out of College and more into adulthood, the dancing became less and less, and I never really realized the thing I always felt was missing in my life was, creativity. I never knew being creative was such an important part of being human, and didn’t understand why I felt unfulfilled and stuck a lot without it. I saw that “other people” were creative, but believed that was something God didn’t give me in this life. Fast forward to starting Lisa Lola 1.5 years ago and I realized that THIS was my creativity! That creativity comes in all shapes and sizes, and the healing arts was mine. Yay!

I have had so much fun, connection to my Self and others, and fulfillment from expanding myself through creating my business, creating client relationships and facilitating them on their journeys, and most recently, creating from this fire-y pitta energy I’ve had this year in the form of many workshops!

When it boils down to it, I have learned that if I’m not creating, I’m becoming stagnant and eventually get stuck in my own mud of fear, loathing, and loneliness. As Spirit, Human Beings, we were brought here to create inside of this big, magical world we live in for the connection, healing and expansion of all. Why not get into it together?!

A few tips that helped me get into my creativity:

  • There is no wrong way to be creative!
  • The right way to be creative is your way!
  • You can be creative in any way you like!
  • Creativity comes in MANY forms – perhaps you like or are good at cooking, managing numbers, dancing with a mop, playing the air guitar, writing, communicating – get it?! It can be anything! Not just something “artsy” like painting or drawing, but those are good too!
  • You don’t have to do anything big or change the world, just do something to get the flow going!
  • No judgement!

Check out all the creative events I have coming up listed below!

Calendar Updates
*Opening Your Heart to the Love that You Are: Saturday, Feb 11th from 12-2pm at Heart of the Dove KC. Register
*Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food: Saturday, Feb 25th from 130-430pm at Heart of the Dove KC. Register
*Deep Stretch + Chakra Balancing Meditation: Sunday Evenings 6-730pm at Karma Tribe Yoga. Donation at Door
*Slow Flow Yoga + Meditation: Wednesday Evenings 6-730pm with KC Urban Yoga at Heart of the Dove 2nd Floor Event Center. $10
Contact me at lisa@lisalola.net for questions or concerns.

Love & Light,

January Newsletter

Happy New Year Lovelies!

What an exciting year 2017 has been already. Only 13 days in and have one workshop on the books and many more scheduled, and in the works. I can feel that this is going to be a year of creation, empowerment, magic, and strengthening my craft. AHO to that!

As I look at 2016 I see that A LOT HAPPENED, like I’m sure many can relate. I found myself in uncharted territory – A LOT – as I continued to create Lisa Lola. Came up against many fears as I took risk, after unknown risk, in building a business from scratch, with only my intuition, Spirit, and a little experience in business myself, to guide me.

When I first envisioned Lisa Lola I saw myself holding workshops, however I never thought creating them would come so soon, especially within the first year! In August I held my first workshop on energy anatomy, in November were 2 Chakra Yoga Weekend Intensives, December was an Emotional Detoxing Class, a New Year’s Day Power Of Intention workshop, and a weekly Chakra Balancing Meditation at Karma Tribe Yoga on Sunday evenings. Wow! Talk about Spirit creating through me!

Not to mention, the countless brave Souls who I have had the honor to work with, call clients and soon, friends. I love working with people and helping them heal in ways they never thought possible. To witness transformation through the power of love is truly the most fulfilling and impactful “work” I could have ever imagined myself doing in this lifetime, and I am so utterly grateful for the experience.

On the personal side, 2016 was not without it’s hardships, and causes for mass celebration! Early in the year I battled a pretty deep depression – again – this one kind of hitting me out of nowhere. It felt heavy and seemed like no matter what I did it kept sucking me back in. Through faith, love, gentleness – and a lot of personal work – I continued on, making a new connection with depression – that it was my teacher here to show me a lot about healing, among many other things.

In April things really started to spice up as I met, and fell in love with whom I truly feel to be my beloved! I experienced love and partnership in a whole new way and continued to learn, learn, learn, – and more freaking learning ;p – from this amazing teacher of mine! As Spirit would have it, my beloved and I moved into my dream home – literally. I dreamed of living at this place 3 years before we met and then without knowing that, he sent me the link to the exact place I wanted so long ago. Wow! We got it and moved in together in July. MAGIC!

In September I turned 31 and really started to come into my womanhood. Releasing more of the little girl, and standing firmly in my feminine. Dropping more of the small self’s worries; specifically around eating, food, body, control and perfection. 2016 was the last of a major ego death that had been going on for a very long time. To say it’s “completely gone” or that I am egoless wouldn’t be accurate – and far from it – as we’re never fully “clear” of anything, however the power those things had over me is for the most part, gone, and I feel as free as I’ve ever been.

I feel a sense of fulfillment, humility, and grace as I close 2016 and open to an exciting, expanding, and loving 2017! I hope the same for you my friends.

May you be well, may you feel whole, may you experience magic and unconditional love. AHO!

Calendar Updates

  • Intro to the Chakra’s 4 Week Class Series: Jan 16, 23, 30th & Feb 6th from 7:15-9:15pm at Yoga Patch. There are still spots left. Register Here or contact me lisa@lisalola.net. Cost $125
  • Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food: Jan 28th from 12:30-3:30pm at Karma Tribe Yoga. Register Here. Suggested Donation $30-50.
  • Open Your Heart to the Love that You Are: Feb 11th from 12-2pm at Heart of the Dove KC. Register Here. Cost $35
  • Every Sunday Evening at Karma Tribe: 6-7:30pm Deep Stretch + Chakra Balancing Meditation. Suggested Donation $10-20
  • Every Wednesday Evening at KC Urban Yoga beginning Feb 8th from 6-7:30pm: Slow & Gentle Flow + Meditation.

Love & Light,

1 Year Anniversary!

llha 1Hello beloveds,

I can’t believe it’s already been a YEAR since I first started Lisa Lola Healing Arts – WOWZERS!! To think about everything that had to happen, what had to be thought of, meditated on, dreamt about, imagined beyond all realms, pondered and discussed at length, is truly a Miracle.

What’s even more, was developing the ability to trust, trust, and trust again, that it creating this business was going to work out. In the developing months of creating Lisa Lola, I was beckoned to create a whole new relationship with trust – I had too in order to be a success. I didn’t call in trust though, it called in me. And even more accurately, it was like it was always there, waiting for me to align myself with it. Really, trust was not something I saw in my mind that I “had to do,” it felt more like something that came along that I innately knew how to do, and simply did it like I would drink water if I were thirsty. There was this felt sense of coming home, like aw yes, trusting feels right, I’ll go with that – without “thinking” about it.

I have seen within myself, friends and colleagues, this same occurring happen. When one lines up with what they truly believe and feel to be their “work” “mission” “purpose” in the world, trust is right their waiting for you to sink into. Did my mind still go haywire and have doubt, fear, and “all the things” come up? Yes, of course! But what still remained was this feeling in my body that I could trust in myself, in Spirit, in what I felt to be my calling, that it was all going to work for me, in one way or another. So I just kept – and keep – coming back to the feeling of trust I have within myself.

And I’ll tell you what, when you connect with the trust inside of you – which is one in the same as trust in the Universe, God, Spirit, the Divine – the possibilities are endless! And I do mean endless! When you come into alignment with yourself, you’re coming into alignment with God, and inside the God space is where all of the abundance, joy, bliss, Magic and possibility of Miracles can occur! All within the limitless space of the Universe, can we make manifest that which we desire. That is our ability as sovereign beings.

Creating Lisa Lola has given me so much. It established a platform for the building of my Faith. Faith in myself to show up for myself, for others, to be of service to myself and others, and to truly take care of myself inside of whatever experience I was having. Learning to honor myself and my needs moment by moment, to go inward with myself, show myself endless amounts of compassion and forgiveness, something I never had access too before. And by access I mean something I never had full awareness or consciousness of, therefore I couldn’t get to it, it was either fully or partially in my blind spot.

To love, love, LOVE myself in all of my ways of being, in all expressions, emotions, sticky situations, self-sabotage, fear, anger and doubt. To continue to show up for myself, time and time again, even when I didn’t want too. While in the amidst of countless breakdowns, cycles of depression, and daily anxiety, TRUST that all was in Divine order. That I would come out of what I was going through eventually, and I would fully allow myself to be inside of the experience to see, feel, learn, and heal what was crying out for my attention. To hold myself and let go of the timeline I had created for my healing. “I will be fully done with this issue by the end of next month and ready to tackle the next thing.” HA! How many times I fooled myself going around this linear merry-go-round. What a trip! And it still continues to be. A Trip. A Journey. An adventure I savor being on with myself and whomever else I line up with energetically. Enjoying the ride – for however long it goes!

So Happy Anniversary to me! A time of celebration around the holidays. May we all take the time to celebrate ourselves, our accomplishments, our breakdowns and falls into the shadow, only to emerge again, stronger, more embodied then before.

If you’d like to speak one-on-one with me about what is coming up for you on your current soul path or blocks you’re having to trust or anything of resonance, fill out the contact form below.


Love & Light,



Being in Love with Me

I haven’t written in a while, and while journaling this morning, I had this message come to me seamlessly. It flowed effortlessly – and almost thoughtlessly. It felt more like it came from the knowing of my essence. I share it with my soul in tact, as an expression of what simply, is.

Being in love with me

Being me is the way to be

Back and forth, round and round

I go, around the wheel of being me

Some days it’s hard, other times not so much

But nothing really changes as I’m still me

In whatever way I be

The truth is I’m still me

Sad, strong, happy, mad

Still me as I be

Not something else

Not something fabricated and unreal

My emotions may be expressive

My attitude may sway

Over the changes that be

But I still stay me

Underneath all the self punishment, hatred, and shame

I am still the best I can be

Deep down I’m still looking for self love

Deep down I long for peace

Around this merry-go-round that is me

I am me

And how lucky is that to be

Me, a person unlike anyone else

Oh what a joy it is, to be nothing but me


My desire in sharing this message, is to reach those who resonate with the merry-go-round of emotions associated with “finding the Self” in each of us. For those deeply entrenched in the journey of accessing Self Love and Being. Being as one in their authentic expression of Self. Loving one Self without limitations, barriers or judgements. The felt sense of Being as one is, is so simple, yet so convoluted in today’s world. How do we break through our ancestral heritage, karmic lives, hurt feelings, societal pressures, advertising messages, environmental influences, peers and familial obligations to access the True Being that we were brought into this life to be?

The way I have found is to get back to the basics. Thinking from Self, listening from Self, speaking from my own heart and not that of someone else. How do you know if you’re thinking / speaking / listening from Self? Drop into the felt sense of your body and see how something you think “feels”. How something you hear “feels”. How something you say “feels”. Does it feel like you? Or does it feel like someone or something else? Something true or  made up? Does it feel Heavy? – Full of criticism, indecision, or should doing. – Or does it feel Light? – Free flowing, full of ease, joy and love.

People often ask me how I came to creating my own business. How did I shift from a traditional 9-5 that I no longer enjoyed or fit me, to being my own boss, making my own hours, and being a direct extension of the loving me?

I got back to Being Me. I discovered that the unique energetic essence of me is unlike any other. That my specific vibration is meant for something Great. And that something great, can be any possibility in the limitless universe that I desire. Anything that resonates for me, that lights up my soul and sings my song. And that creating anything from this space – the Being of my frequency – has no option but to be perfect. To be great. To make a difference and be impactful. Perhaps only to me, a select few, or the whole world. Really doesn’t matter, just so long as I’m a living full expression of Me.

I have been learning that, if I am Being Me, the universe expands, opportunities arise, possibilities are limitless, and life flows with an abundance of ease, joy and glory. All because I am Being Me.

So here’s to you Being You. And me Being Me.

If you’d like to chat more about accessing the Being of your Self and Self Love, send me a message in the Let’s Talk form below, I’d love to hear from you and learn about the beautiful, unique essence that is You.

Love and light beloveds ~~~~ AHO!



Getting Healthy, What’s it Going to Take?

I recently had this conversation via text with a friend of mine who is a fellow healer. Odd right? People think as healer’s we have “being healthy” figured out across all realms – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. But we don’t. We’re figuring it out, going through the motions, on our own journey just like everyone else.

My friend / fellow healer will remain anonymous, but here is an excerpt from one of my texts in our dialogue.

“I haven’t accepted that I can’t just eat a little bit of sugar. A little usually turns into more, and then more the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and then more quantities each time! UGG! What’s it going to take for me to commit to a healthy lifestyle for myself? Because I know it’s my access to less anxiety, less being in my head, more peace within myself, more time for rest, play, intimacy and creation. Why the hell am I still blocked to committing to this for myself?!”

Because “just committing” to not eating sugar doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried that. Numerous times, in numerous ways, and the reality is, it just hasn’t stuck. Perhaps I’m not ready to give it up. Perhaps my mental or emotional body still needs it for some reason I am not conscious of yet. Even though I wake up in the morning ready to be done with it, a lot of times by end of day I’m wondering about it, if I’m going to eat it, and if so, what version. This is definitely a current blind spot, one I’ve been looking into and “working on” for a long time, and it has gotten better, but sugar does still hold a charge for me. Just like alcohol does for some people, or cigarettes, or cannabis, or shopping, or sex, or whatever form one’s attachment may come in.

What I’m discovering is that this attachment is covering up something else. It’s distracting me from feeling something, because the sensory overload I get from sugar often numbs out whatever emotions or things are at the front of my experience I don’t want to deal with. And feeling whatever is there scares me, even though I don’t know what it is. So fear of the unknown. The “thing” of what it is, may not even be anything that scary. I’m inclined to think it’s just the process to finding out what it is that scares me the most.

Am I ready to give up sugar? I think the more accurate question is, am I ready to acknowledge my emotions and give them a front row seat in my life?

I want to yell YES! But I also want to be realistic.

I am ready to begin intentionally making space for my emotions as they arise. And that is it for now, I didn’t learn to walk in a day, so I acknowledge that’s all I can commit too, for now.