May Newsletter

Hello Beauties,

I love the month of May! 

I asked Spirit what wanted to be channeled for this month’s newsletter, and I kept seeing and hearing how the word Heal, is in the word Health.

You know healing is my favorite topic, and lately I’ve been tuning into etymology, which is the study of the history of words. I can’t help but think and feel that in the creation of the word health, they knew that one would undergo heal-ing.

This tells me that healing is literally in the DNA of what it means to be healthy. That’s pretty neat to me! Especially as I continue to take deep dives into my own healing and being of service to others.

The way my healing journey is appearing to me currently is like a spiral. I go round and round this red and gold threaded path, submerging myself deeper and deeper into the dark, light shining when I remember to lift my head. I am greeted by familiar faces of wounds I have long known, they may have a new haircut, but their eyes are still the same. They come here to teach me. They and I, we’ve made sacred contracts to help me grow and raise the vibration of consciousness. They are not here to take me down, quite the contrary, they are here to lift me up. Higher and higher, as I go deeper and deeper, into the depths of my own awareness.

Until I remember that I one with all. With Source Creator. That, in my essence, I am no different than the trees shimmering with the wind. I am majestic and tattered, light-filled and scorned, alive and still sometimes, feel dead.

That this is Earth school and I came here to learn. Experience is my teacher and you are my classmates. That we’re in this together and thank God for that.

So I bow to you. My sister, my brother, my opposite-yet-equal that doesn’t want to be gender identified. We are the creators and let us remember that we get to choose who we are, what we want, how we respond and what kind of world we want to live in.

This world needs healing. We all do. Let’s support each other in that and choose Health every day. For ourselves, each other, Pacha-mama and the Yoni-verse.


With deep love and appreciation,


April Newsletter

Hello Beauties,

Are you just LOVING the bloom of these amazing trees in KC right now?!I’m really noticing how the birth of color is bringing me so much inspiration and joy, HECK YES to plants!!

I tried to write this newsletter a number of times yesterday and it just wasn’t flowing. I wasn’t connecting to any of the subjects I tried to speak about, and thank goodness I had a client come so I didn’t twiddle my fingers at it for the rest of the evening.

I woke up early this morning and read my Louise Hay daily devotional, and upon seeing what today’s topic was, I saw that I kept getting stuck writing because I needed a new perspective. I’ve been going through a period of many physical challenges again – insomnia, adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance, low energy, depression, (who knows what else) – but I as I tried to share about these topics from the mindset of struggle and hardship, it just wasn’t fitting.

It wasn’t working because that wasn’t where I was with it anymore. Yes, these things suck and they can be truly maddening at times, but I could hear Spirit knocking on my door saying I needed to come at these things from a different perspective. I had to be willing to open my mind to a new flow of energy around them, and I just wasn’t quite there yesterday.

Insert Louise’s book today, and I see that I just needed a little inspiration and validation. For today she says, “I Am Willing To Learn What Life Is Trying To Teach Me.” She says we want to be grateful for the lessons we have and to not run from lessons; they are little packages of treasure that have been given to us, and as we learn from them, our lives change for the better.

At this point, I am willing to see that these challenges are trying to teach me something. I know that if something is coming up – and in this case, coming up in a Big way – that I am ready to let go of something that is hindering my life in a big way.

All so often when we (I) go deeper into a wound or challenge, it gets worse before it gets better. And typically we (I) think we’re doing something wrong to make it worse and fear we’re (I’m) never going to come out of it.

This is a common game played by the ego. Telling us we’re always going to be locked in our pain and sorrow. That this is never going to end or get better and there are no answers. And that’s true, but only if we believe it!

The truth is, we get to say. We get to say what we’re going to allow something to be, or not be. We get to choose our perspective and always have the option to rejoice in the face of a problem.


With deep love and appreciation,


March Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

Happy Spring Solstice!

I looooove spring. I love the whole concept – waking, birthing from the dead of winter, planting new seeds in the soft ground of spring (our hearts), and watching them (us) blossom and grow as the longer days carry on.

The seeds I’m planting in my spring garden this year are:

1. Boundaries:

For the longest part of my life, I had never even heard of boundaries and had no idea what they were. Give myself away to everyone all the time and therefore never have a center? Yep! That was me. But not anymore, and not because I don’t love giving myself to others – I LOVE CONNECTION – however as my energy healing business is expanding, I’m seeing that I can’t if I want to keep my sanity.

In order for me to stay healthy and serve my clients, I’m really having to get precise on my time. I have a long history of “going over” time with client sessions, and I really can’t afford to do that anymore. I’ve got more responsibilities than ever, and for me to stay in integrity to myself, my family, and my business, I’m setting clear intentions to the Universe to cut back on giving myself away.

2. Higher Consciousness

I took my second course in Higher Consciousness training this past weekend with Stephen Busby and the seeds I am planting from it are more noticing of the subtle energy realms. To notice what’s happening inside me, as I witness you – my friend, partner, or client. Our bodies are always reacting to the energy of our environment. This course reawakened my curiousity of the relational field in which “all things are happening” and where co-creation exists.

This course reminded me of the depth of healing that can occur simply through our quality of listening. To be fully present and with someone as they share their own wonderings of life, with no interruptions and interjecting of questions, creates a space for one’s own wisdom and insights to arise.

I found this work to literally be at the “edge” of what’s desiring to come through. All those things that aren’t said, but exist in the energetic. The spaces between the words and the response of the soul – just shy of breaking through…

I am dropping seeds in the collective for myself and others to be witnessed as the soul embodiment that I (we) are, and by this, are healed through an unknown quality of presence.

3. Ease

I’ve talked about this before and I feel like I need to bring it in again for myself and our world. I am sprinkling seeds of Ease throughout my entire life and wish to drop them along my path so that others can Exhale too. Have you ever noticed how you sometimes hold your breath? Me too. Ease is even missing in the most natural thing these days.

I desire to be more easy with myself. To be ease-full, to go with the flow more and Let. Life. Happen. To no longer question what happens to me as if it shouldn’t be happening. This insanity of questioning reality causes me lots of un-ease, anxiety, depression, and unrest.

I linked up with a lot of lessons these last few weeks and I found myself sooooo tired because I was literally fighting life at every corner I turned. I see this a lot with my clients as well. Many of us are so freakin’ hard on ourselves, with impossible expectations and so much pressure I’m surprised our heads don’t explode – until they do.

At the Higher Consciousness workshop I got 2 MASSIVE headaches. The pain came on so sharp and quick that I got nauseous and had to puke. This is what I’m talking about. The build-up of energy gets so intense that the only way for the body to release is to get sick, so it can get back to its normal homeostasis of Ease.

What seeds are you planting in your spring garden this year? What wants to be left in the dead of winter, and what wants to blossom anew?

Happy Spring-time you cute little bunnies!

With deep love and appreciation,


February Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

Happy February Love Month <3 

I am a firm believer in practicing receiving and giving love every day, and notice how I said receiving FIRST, and giving SECOND. It’s the time old adage, but it’s still around because it’s true. In order to fill someone else’s cup, we first must receive love into our own.

Most of us, including myself, poo-poo’ed this idea for so long. “Yea yea, I have to receive first, ok, let me go back to giving all my energy and power away, become completely burn out, cry victim, and repeat the cycle all over again.” I get it, I was one of these people, and I am in receiving recovery.

In the US culture, most of us aren’t taught how to receive. We’re told it’s wrong to take and to always give more of ourselves.

But if you think about this in terms of energy input and energy output, how can this be truth? How can we actually give more energy than we have? Right, we can’t. Reality check.

After completing my Feminine Magic course in December, I am still fine-tuning my receiver. The first feminine principle is to Receive, and throughout the 10 month course, I became very aware how much I’m not receiving.

Not receiving life, pushing off compliments, not asking for help, not allowing others to care for me, not receiving rest, not receiving friendship —– this was an epiphany, no wonder I couldn’t relax, had anxiety, insomnia, and relationship issues – I was blocking the flow of energy!

And so many of us are. We are a world of over-functioning, over-achieving, over-over-over go-go-go more-more-more and it’s up to us to re-write the script, because all of this over-doing isn’t getting us anywhere but tired and sick.

So this month of love, I invite you to receive. How can you receive more love into your daily life? And by the way, you don’t need someone else to do this (that’s conditional love) we can all receive free love from the trees, the birds, God, a pet, a smile, a hug, a creative project – you name it.

Ways I receive self-love are by taking good care of myself. Rest, healthy food, hydration, movement, creativity, connection and FUN! Not to mention I love scheduling time with some of my favorite healer’s to work my body, bring peace to my mind and fill up my soul.

Then I’ve got lots of love to give to my partner, my pets, my peeps, and the world.

First 3 people to reply back with ways they’re receiving love this month get $20 off an 1.5hr Energy Healing Session!

With deep love and appreciation,


January Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,

Buurrrrrrrr……hello January! Hot-dang it’s cold outside! ;p If you know me I have never been one for the cold, however I will say something has shifted where I’m appreciating it more now. I’ve found myself enjoying the change of the seasons, and embracing winter while it’s here.

I’ve also noticed that my resting body temperature has gone up. I’m not as freezing cold as I used to be. I’m finding in groups that others are cold and I’m not, or I’m even too warm. I’m actually the hot one in some settings! This is astronomical to my historically FREEZING self.

I discussed this with a girlfriend over the weekend and my theory is that as I’m healing myself and creating more balance of all my systems – physically / mentally / emotionally / spiritually – my body is integrating this higher light frequency of healing and thus creating more equanimity between my Self and my environment. To me this is just another example how we can truly heal ourselves and create what we want and need in our lives. We have the power! But only if WE say so!

Speaking of healing, you all know this is my favvvv topic as a practitioner of Energy Medicine, and I realize some may not understand what it is. Even I have a hard time defining it. It truly has an essence of that which cannot be completely defined – like all Magic in life….(wink-wink, but for real 😉

However, the best way I’ve heard it said is this: “Energy Healing activates the body’s natural healing and energy balancing techniques to facilitate renewal and transformation of the body for optimal wellbeing and a Joy for life.” ~ Energy Medicine Practitioner Kim Wedman

During a session, I tap into your energy body and feel / see / ask what systems need clearing, what areas need balance, and what parts need restoration. I then work to create harmony and optimization of these systems through different energy healing techniques and methods. Our bodies are made of energy and are electromagnetic, and this forms the infrastructure of the body. When working within this infrastructure, balance, flow and harmony can be non-invasively restored and maintained.

I have found that Energy Healing sessions are good for anything and everything. Whether you’re dealing with a physical ailment or dis-ease, loss and grief, breakup and heartache, eating disorders, emotional upheaval, fear and anxiety, job loss or creating a new endeavor – Energy Medicine can help open up pathways of stuck energy, clear blocks that have been in place for lifetimes, and balance the systems of Mind + Body + Spirit to return the receiver to their natural, God-connected, loving state.

I’ve seen this happen first hand in my own healing journey and countless others through clients for the past 4 years.

Here’s one testimonial from a client who went through my 12-week Energy Healing Program:

I went through Lisa’s Energy Healing Program and it was amazing!!

I was a lost puppy when we met. I had been connected to myself in the past so I knew what that felt like but I was miles away when this program started. I really needed this. I wanted to get back to the place where I felt love for myself and I felt like that all started with meeting Lisa and going through this program. This year brought so much change for me as far as lifestyle and career and I don’t think I would have the success that I’ve had without her guidance and healing.

Lisa did such a great job of explaining what each chakra meant and I really liked how she incorporated yoga poses with each one. I think it’s extremely helpful for someone like me that didn’t have a lot of experience with the chakras to really break them down one by one. Her space is so warm and inviting and I always felt very comfortable. In the beginning of each session she would take the time to check in and gave me permission to spill out all the good with the bad. Lisa is such a good listener and had incredibly helpful feedback for what was ailing me. I found it really easy to incorporate her advice (cut the emotional chord!) and have shared with others to help them too!

I even brought my sister in with a visit with Lisa and she was blown away by the experience and went on and on about what a powerful and positive healing it was.

I can’t say enough good things about Lisa and what she does. She is such a genuine, powerful and kind person and I’m happy to say that she is now a friend as well. She is such a gift to this world and I will treasure each visit that we have together.

Click HERE to hear more client experiences of my Energy Healing Practice.

If you’re ready to receive energy healing and would like to discover what this work can do for you, email me at!

With deep love and appreciation,


December Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,

This month has been quite tender thus far. As the Sagittarius zodiac does, there has been a lot of big life decisions and changes ushering in, and dreams and visions from the true self coming through. The types of things that are life-changing, that bring up so much fear and grief, it’s dropped me to my knees.

You know in those moments, when all of a sudden, you are your parents? In the blink of an eye, you see yourself exactly as your mother or father, or in their situation? The things you said would never be your fate as a child, show up just-like-that as an adult? This happened to me this week. It was so surreal. I didn’t really see it coming, and yet, there was premonition all along.

On Monday morning my partner called me with severe chest pain. He’d been having it that morning and refused to stay home. When it hadn’t gone away later on he called me, his mom talked him into going to get checked out at Urgent Care. So, off we went, all to be told once we arrived that based off what he was describing, we would need to go to the Emergency Room.

Wow, really? Okay. Get back in the car, and head to the hospital.

Once at the ER, they began to draw his blood and run tests on his heart, giving him medication to help relieve the pain. Lots of waiting and talking to numerous people on his healthcare team, the day wore on. Finally his EKG results were in, there was an arrhythmia in his heart. Do the test again to check, same thing. Before we knew it he was being admitted overnight.

Shock. Again…. Wow, really??? Uh okay…….didn’t see that coming. (Plus many more emotions)

The next morning I show back up, and as I’m sitting their beside him in his hospital bed, I am at once my mother. It almost felt like her energy came into mine and my family’s whole karmic situation was in the forefront. I grew up with a very ill father. He got cancer at 21 and was in relapse/remission until he died 30 years later. As a child it was very common to go visit my dad in the hospital, watch my mom take care of him, and wonder if this time would be his last day.

As Spirit human beings, it is said that we choose our parents, our parents choose us, we choose our siblings, friends and extended family. That all of the people in our lives we created contracts with for our own soul’s growth. The people we are in relationship with are helping us to evolve into who we came here to be in this life, and I totally believe this. I no longer sad that I had a sick father and somewhat sick mother, I get that for many reasons. This was what was best for me and my evolution, and I’ve done a lot of work around learning and healing from this familial karmic pattern.

Their also comes a point though, where we have an opportunity to re-write the script and heal our lineage through the choices we make, the thoughts we think, and the energy we hold. I came to this point yesterday. It was like a movie screen playing in front of my eyes. Seeing the timeline from my great-great-great grandparents and so forth through my parents and to right now before me, with my partner and I.

What will you do, Lisa? What changes will you make right here, right now? How will you handle this? What can you do to stop this learning through sickness, pain, and suffering? Is there a way, to learn and grow through joy and love?

My High Priestess came in and said yes. As someone who believes in limitless possibilities and that you can have everything you want and need, I believe their is a way to shift out of the lower frequencies of learning through fear, shame and guilt, into the higher frequencies of harmony and love. Who says it can only be one way, just because that’s the way we’ve known it to be? I’m talking about a real paradigm shift here, from what’s known, to believing in what’s unknown. That not many are practicing, but it does exist and it all starts with me, you, us. One person at a time.

This is what evolutionary work is, what I try to live and teach and shine a light upon in my work with my clients. To show them they are so much more then there circumstances and family history. That, they first and foremost, are themselves. A bright light of energy, radiating at a frequency that can be lowered and raised, here to be and do anything they can fathom and desire. An essence, an infinite Spirit.

But we have to be willing. Willing to submerge ourselves in these tender parts of our hearts and history, and it isn’t easy, I’m not going to downplay it. These parts huuuurrrrt…….and when you go into them there is so much pain you wonder if you’ll come out alive. My human self has questioned what the hell am I doing when canvasing these places, but my Higher Self knows. Stay here. Be here. Feel it. You’ll be okay.

Through this process, I learn over and over again, that the pain passes. The more I can be with my tender, hurting parts, the less tender and painful they are. But it requires that I make space for myself and my pain. To give it a seat at the table, right along with happiness and joy, so we can all sit around and cry and talk, and eventually tell jokes about how bad that one thing used to hurt, feel proud about how that really scary thing we did, isn’t scary at all anymore.

And for those wondering about how things turned out with my partner, he’s okay. It appeared that he had a slight form of a heart attack, but his heart is otherwise, healthy and he’s out of the hospital and on the mend. He’s looking at making some lifestyle changes and ways to better manage his stress.

We’re all learning and growing. Through this event I am reminded of just how short and precious life is. To hold and make space for my tender parts, and allow my true self to shine.

If you’d like to receive an energy session to help you with your tender, soft parts, contact me to book a session. I love sharing this evolutionary, life-changing work.

With deep love,


November Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope your day of thanks was filled with gratitude, the ones you love, and yummy food.

Last month I mentioned how I was the lucky winner of 2 big financial lessons, and how I went through a process of pretty intense emotions (anger, rage) and then finally after much resistance and feeling like I had no where else to go, surrendered and handed both situations over to God.

Well I’m here to report this surrender and handing over to God thing works. One of the situations involved my insurance company. I cut my finger open pretty bad this summer and my partner had to take me to the emergency room for stitches. When I arrived I gave them my insurance card and they admitted me, I figured all was fine since my insurance covers me to go anywhere – even if they are a non-provider – in the state of an emergency.

Fast forward 2 months and my insurance calls me, saying they don’t have a contract with the hospital I went too, so I have to work with a 3rd party to try to get the hospital to discount or cover the charges. Ummm okay… I go through that grueling process for another 2 months, only to be denied by the hospital. They are unwilling to discount or write off my charges. My 3rd party account manager says their is nothing more he can do, he advises me to contact the hospital myself to see if I can sway them and make an appeal with my insurance company.

Insert heavy sighs and what feels like pulling my hair out as I try to work with the hospital to see about financial assistance on my own, while I also go through the appeals process with my insurance. But I can’t seem to get anywhere, the hospital won’t my return calls and my insurance isn’t budging.

Then I start to share this situation with others and begin reflecting on, “what if I gave up my resistance? I wonder what would happen if I surrendered, would it shift the energy?” One of my teachers reminded me to take responsibility for my part in the situation, that although yes, these other parties weren’t exactly doing their job, but I wasn’t either. After all, it was my name on the insurance card, it was my policy and I did receive care from the hospital.

These types of situations can get tricky. It can be so easy to blame issues on others when we really are being wronged. And in this situation, I have no doubt that I was being wronged, however I had a part in it too, and I wasn’t getting anywhere by playing the victim card. That’s the thing about being the victim, we get stuck, it truly gives us no options but to sink down into our wounded-ness and in my instance, pout that these big companies were trying to hurt me. Yuck. It didn’t feel good, and it offered no resolutions.

However, once I took full responsibility for my part, a whole new world of options and possibilities showed up. At once I knew the solution for the whole thing.

My Higher Self said: Surrender. Hand this over to God. Hand it over again and again. When you get triggered by it, hand it over. Offer it up to all of Creation to hold and nurture and take care of. God can come up with miracles your human brain could never fathom. Let go and let God. And so I did.

Well I kid you not, right when I did that things started to shift. I could just feel how the energy started to redirect, from against me, to flowing with me. From opposition, to holding the paradox. From seeing different sides, to seeing the Wholeness of the situation – including me, the insurance company, the hospital, all the people involved – that nothing needed to be fixed, it was already complete. I went from being so mad at the hospital and insurance company, to all is well and taken care of.

Then the miracles started to show up in solid form. A few days later I got onto my hospital account portal and my balance had gone to zero. Yes I said ZERO!!!! All of a sudden it showed an adjustment of the full amount and it had been cleared out. Completely. Entirely. CLEARED OUT.

My account manager from the 3rd party (who was off the case by then but because he was also appalled at how my case was being handled by the hospital) also saw it was now 0 and called to tell me, the hospital wrote off the charges, you owe nothing!!!!

I am amazed by the power of surrender and handing over things to God. I share this story as an example of how you too, can use this same method for anything, large or small. We all have access and connection to the power of the Divine, I am not any different from you. Being connected to the Divine is our God-given birth right, and when we remember that God is within us, and we are within God, we come back home to ourselves and life flows and feels sacred.

When I’m practicing this, I wake up feeling deeply blessed and grateful to be alive and for my life and all those that cross my path. Truly I remember that this is what Living feels like. This is what we came here to do and be. That only love is real and we are infinitely connected to that love like the leaves were once attached to the trees.

This Thanksgiving, I am utterly so grateful for the power of God. My willingness to surrender, and my integrity to take responsibility. I bow in gratitude to you, my clients, friends and family who I get to love and serve and who add so much richness to my life.

I’m curious,

What would you like to surrender and give over to God? Do you believe in miracles? Did you know those who believe in miracles receive them, and those who don’t, don’t?

If you’d like support in returning to your God-self, connecting with Spirit, giving love and rest to your body and a space for your emotions, I’d love to be of service to you in a healing session. Reply to this email to chat or schedule.

With deep love,


October Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,

Happy Halloween! How pretty it is outside in KC right now, wow the trees are on FIRE!!! It really awakens my system when I take my dogs out for a walk in the morning.

Oh beauties, how blessed we are to have these bodies, and how much they can teach us, if we only listen. My neck has gone out 4 times in the last 6 weeks – hello message from Spirit! – and I’m finally listening to what needs shifting and taking action where I need to.

In my life, I’ve had to hear somethings multiple times before I finally “got it.” I mean come one, my chiro and yoga teachers have been telling me for years that I need to stop manually cracking my neck and hanging out in my limbs. And I’m not bad or wrong because I didn’t listen, I wasn’t ready, the information wasn’t “clicking” yet. There was more for me to learn through the process and unfortunately, sometimes I learn through injury.

After the 3rd time my neck went out I finally saw what I needed to do in order to heal this chronic wound. I had to surrender. Fully. I had to surrender to what I thought I needed to do and follow my chiro’s orders. I had to surrender to what the healing process looked like. I had to surrender to the feminine softness my body craves instead of the masculine push/pull energy I’ve been unconsciously forcing my body through.

This word, surrender, has been coming up a lot this month. The Universe has also given me 2 big financial-responsibility lessons recently, and after I processed the majority of my upset and anger around the issues, I am hearing Spirit asking me to surrender to this too. To take responsibility of the hand I had in these situations, and surrender my feelings of unfairness, injustice and feeling like I’m a victim.

I was in my Feminine Magic course this past weekend and we studied the archetype of the Priestess. My teacher shared how a Priestess has no time for bullshit and she takes self-responsibility, even in the slightest of ways because she is for resolution. She is in a constant state of surrendering to what arises, because she knows if it’s arising, it’s for her.

As my friend Grant said to me of his own process, “Who am I not to have these issues?”

And both of them are so right. Who am I not to have these financial issues? Who am I not to have neck pain and adrenal fatigue? This really hit home. I realized, if it’s happening to me, then it must be mine. So often we don’t think something should be happening to us because we expect our life and problems to look different then what they are, and the resistance we have creates much more energetic entanglement then if we were to just be with the issue at hand.

A Priestess knows that God is in everything. And as a woman on the Priestess path, this is the tool I’ve been using to handle upset, intense emotions and challenging issues: God, I hand this over to you. I put this pain, this heartache, this exhaustion and deceit in your hands. I ask that you transform this energy of fear into energy of love. I surrender to your Divine will.

And so it is.

I’d love to hear from you beauties.

What energy entanglements are coming up for you and what’s been “clicking” or not “clicking” lately? What fear are you willing to surrender today in exchange for love? How can I do what I love and be in service to you? Let me know!

With deep love,


PS: I post pretty consistently about my process, to follow along check out my IG or FB pages.

September Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,

I know I say this almost every month, but I can’t believe we’re heading into the end of September and the beginning of fall! I always like September because it’s my birthday month and with that comes all the excitement of getting to celebrate and have some extra fun.

I am traveling a lot this month. My partner and I took a much needed and amazing trip to New Mexico, it was such a blast and truly beautiful experience together. If you haven’t visited Taos, I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s one of my favorite places to visit and I am just so taken with the sacredness of the southwest.

I also leave for  my Wildwoman Retreat this weekend in Asheville, North Carolina + a much-needed solo vaca in Asheville after! The retreat is a part of the Turn on Your Feminine Magic Course I am in. I’m excited – and a little apprehensive – for this trip for a few reasons.

1.I’m driving by myself – which I love – but I also worry about my energy levels and staying awake on the road. I tend to get sleepy so I’m a little stressed that I won’t get enough rest before I leave.
Definitely got my podcasts and music and herbal teas lined up to keep me alert!

2.I’ve never been to this part of the country and I can’t wait to see it’s beauty!

3.I’m having a little fear of the unknown coming up being with all women for 3 days straight. Don’t get me wrong, I love women! I just also really like a balance of male energy and really really like my alone time…..but it feels like this retreat will expand me in all the right ways and create bonding relationships with sisters that Spirit has been calling me toward.

4.I’m a little concerned with my health. My adrenal fatigue has been pretty intense lately, and I worry I may not be able to keep up with all the actiivities in the way that I want or expect myself too. I keep reminding myself that everything will be perfect and I will be taken care of. My energy will be at the perfect pace and level for what I want and need to do this weekend, even if that means taking breaks to rest.

Due to the pretty intense adrenal fatigue lately, I’ve been getting how much rest is important. I’ve always placed importance on it, but recently, I’ve gotten even more clear on how tired and run-down my system is from so much pushing over the years, and how much I need to listen and take care of myself. Even if it goes against what my ego says or has planned.

Growing up on a farm with hard-working parents, the country mentality is work from sun-up to sun-down, and both my parents did that to take care of me and my brother. As a result, I also developed a very “hard-working” mentality. Which is great and really helpful in some cases. But not all. Too much work with little rest and no play has caught up with me and is starting to take a toll on my health.

I used to make myself get up early when the alarm went off. Push myself through my overly-loaded schedule, make myself take care of things I really didn’t HAVE to take care of that day or have the energy for, and my nervous system is starting to say no to that way of being. It just doesn’t work anymore. My higher self will not allow me to run on such a patriarchal internal structure anymore.

Many light workers are experiencing what my friend Gwyn calls, “ascension-symptoms” and that made a lot of sense to me. Of course my body is going to go through something as I wake up more of my sleeping parts, it’s the process of evolution. Our Spirits move at the speed of light, and our human parts – our mind, body and emotions – take a bit longer to catch up.

Due to my Feminine Magic class, I’m learning that I need to balance my masculine and feminine energies. I need to rest just as much as I work, and as I play. I need to receive just as much as I give. I need to listen to my inner guidance on what I have space for, and what I don’t. I need to let go of the people-pleaser mentality and be okay with saying no. I need to allow myself to flow with the tides of energy moving through me just like the ocean and the stars in the sky.

I need to be in more connection with what I need and what I want, what I pleasure and I desire, in order to be more healthy, happy, and whole.

Because it is from this restored wholeness that I am in alignment with my deepest self, connected to my power and purpose, bursting with the energetic inspiration to do what I love and I believe I was brought here to do – be in healing service to you.

If you’re wanting a session I will be out of town until October 1st. You can email me to schedule in the interim, but just know I will be slower to responding while I’m away 🙂

With deep love,


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August Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,

I can’t believe it’s already almost the end of August. Summer always seems to fly by so fast, which feels bittersweet to me as I love the days of sunshine and sandals.

Last month I shared about relationships, the incongruences and complexities I had been rubbing up against, and this month, as I sit down to write this, all that is coming to mind is how down I’ve been feeling. I may get up for a few hours or a day, but there is still this heavy feeling in the background I can’t quite put my finger on.

A heaviness in my mind that doesn’t feel excited for anything, a heaviness in my body that doesn’t want to do anything, a heaviness in my spirit who hasn’t had much zest for life. These are all uncomfortable feelings for me, as I’m just not used to being this way, it’s not my “normal” structure. But, it’s where I am, so I continue to try to “be okay it,” surrender more into it, and allow the heaviness to be here. (Ugh. Easier said then done.)

However, what I’m finding is, when we can truly give ourselves permission to be where we are, the judgment or story we have around where we are can fall away, and a space opens for the energy to move. As we settle into the uncomfortable feelings, we let go of our resistance and the walls can begin to come down, this provides a learning opportunity for something new to arise from the shadow.

Last night we had our group call for the Turn On Your Feminine Magic course I’m in and we are moving into the next archetype of the class, which is the Dark Feminine or Shadow Feminine. I knew going into the call this was exactly where I’ve been – caught up in the parts of me unknown, lost in my shadow, fearing the darkness I’ve been in and scared I won’t come out – and as my instructor spoke, she confirmed everything I’d been feeling about the Shadow Self. Her words began to lightly open up the scared little girl inside of me, validating my experience as a part of life that is here to help us grow. Thank you Goddess for this shift.

Although the darkness is feared, it is our greatest teacher. Often we don’t learn very much from our happy parts, it’s more the pieces of us that are gnarly and hurting that really grab our attention and push us into change and transformation as we desire a more loving, whole life.

What I also have to keep reminding myself is that it usually isn’t the actual thing I do or have done that is challenging me, it’s the judgment I put on myself about the thing I did that causes me so much heartache and pain. I’m really trying to watch my inner dialogue and what I’m making things mean. It takes awareness, willingness, and commitment to rewire ourselves from the programming of fear to one of acceptance and love.

This whole game called life and being a Spirit in a human body is a process dear ones. We have all been conditioned into some degree of scarcity, and it’s up to us to take our power back and remember who we are.

Infinite + Eternal + Loving + Light Beings = Here to be Free + Create + Share this Experience Together


Much love,



PS: I post pretty consistently about my process, to follow along check out my IG or FB pages.