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August Newsletter

Dear Ones, Sweet people. Sisters and brothers. Beloveds friends. Mi amigos, papi’s and mami’s. I too, can get lost in the currency of fear and let that over power and over shadow what matters to me most.  I too,… Read More

July Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, I am in a current state of aggravation and frustration as I feel the energy of unconditional love wanting to move up through me. It feels like an abrupt, forceful energy that projects up my shashumna,… Read More

April Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, I am writing to you today from such inspiration and joy. I know I just wrote and sent out my March newsletter, but April came pouring through this morning and I feel like I have discovered something… Read More

February Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, I have never loved the month of February more. And, I never thought I’d say that. Granted, from my perspective, it hasn’t been that bad with 50 degree days sprinkled in here and there and still… Read More

December Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you! Wow, I could share soooo much in this month’s newsletter as December has been FULL of triggers, transformation, vulnerability, and expansion. The thing I am most present to however is, Community. This… Read More