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July Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, What I am most present to today is how much holding back my truth impacts me across all areas of my life. Because essentially, I am blocking energy, and energies natural function is to move. When… Read More

June Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, For this month’s newsletter, I first want to share a quote by Bene Brown that is really resonating with me: “Normal never was. Our pre-Corona existence was not normal other than we normalized greed, inequity, exhaustion, depletion,… Read More

May Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, Happy May Day! (Or May Month 🙂 I always loved creating May Day baskets when I was a little girl. “Sneaking” up and putting my baskets on my neighbors doors, ringing the bell and then running back to my… Read More

April Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, It is always so curious to me that given the day I finally sit down and choose to write this, I could be coming from such a vastly different space than I was when I thought… Read More

March Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, I write to you from my heart at this time. We are at an interesting place in evolution. A place I’ve never been before and have no idea how to conduct myself in. A container I… Read More

January Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, I am just returning from co-leading the Guatemala Magic Women’s Yoga & Healing Retreat and I am still glowing and soaring from this experience. What a Treat this Retreat was! What I am first present too, is… Read More

November Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, You know what makes my life sooooo much better now than it was even 1 year ago? Sisterhood. For the past 5 years I have been working on healing the wounded-ness of sisterhood within me, and… Read More

October Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, What I am experiencing as the fall temps and burning trees set in, is a natural settling into myself as we come down from the heat of summer and prepare for the death of winter. In… Read More

September Newsletter

It’s my Birthday Month, woo-hoo! Happy September beloveds, although we’ve officially moved into Libra, my Virgo energy has been coming in strong this month. As I reflect over the years I notice a pattern emerge around this time, a… Read More

August Newsletter

Hellooooo August-ina, Beauties I am back and in that Leo / Summer / Beast Mode Attack! I loooooove summer. I love the heat and sun and sweat. I love the windows down and patio door open vibe. I especially like… Read More