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March Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, Happy Spring Solstice! I looooove spring. I love the whole concept – waking, birthing from the dead of winter, planting new seeds in the soft ground of spring (our hearts), and watching them (us) blossom and… Read More

February Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, Happy February Love Month <3  I am a firm believer in practicing receiving and giving love every day, and notice how I said receiving FIRST, and giving SECOND. It’s the time old adage, but it’s still… Read More

January Newsletter

Hello Beloveds, Buurrrrrrrr……hello January! Hot-dang it’s cold outside! ;p If you know me I have never been one for the cold, however I will say something has shifted where I’m appreciating it more now. I’ve found myself enjoying the change of the… Read More

December Newsletter

Hello Beloveds, This month has been quite tender thus far. As the Sagittarius zodiac does, there has been a lot of big life decisions and changes ushering in, and dreams and visions from the true self coming through. The… Read More

November Newsletter

Hello Beloveds, Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope your day of thanks was filled with gratitude, the ones you love, and yummy food. Last month I mentioned how I was the lucky winner of 2 big financial lessons, and how I went through… Read More

October Newsletter

Hello Beloveds, Happy Halloween! How pretty it is outside in KC right now, wow the trees are on FIRE!!! It really awakens my system when I take my dogs out for a walk in the morning. Oh beauties, how blessed… Read More

September Newsletter

Hello Beloveds, I know I say this almost every month, but I can’t believe we’re heading into the end of September and the beginning of fall! I always like September because it’s my birthday month and with that comes all… Read More

August Newsletter

Hello Beloveds, I can’t believe it’s already almost the end of August. Summer always seems to fly by so fast, which feels bittersweet to me as I love the days of sunshine and sandals. Last month I shared… Read More

July Newsletter

Hello Beloveds, Lately I have been feeling the constraints and incongruences inside relationship. How do I take care of me without affecting you? How do I get what I want without pushing your boundaries? How do I share my truth… Read More

June Newsletter

Hello June-bugs I have spent a lot of my life living in my shadow and getting lost in the darkness of myself. Rejecting parts of me only wished to be known. Not able to hold compassion for my hurting selves, and falling… Read More