Category: 2021

June Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, Happy belated Father’s Day. There is soooooo much I could share in this month’s newsletter. The reoccurring theme that keeps presenting itself from the Universe has been Expansion. Expansion. Expansion. So much so that I just… Read More

May Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, Happy May Day. Happy Mother’s Day. Happy Beltane. Happy Spring. The Earth is awakening and it’s my favorite time of year to witness. I want to speak about the ascension process we are all undergoing, especially… Read More

March Newsletter

Hola, Buenos Dias Amigos, I’m rolling in at the very end of your month again to share that I have returned from my sabbatical in Mexico and that I’m feeling reborn, refreshed and rejuvenated in a whole new… Read More

February Newsletter

Hola, Buenos Dias! Happy last day of February! Nothing like waiting until the last minute to send out my monthly newsletter! And I say that with a lot of joy and gratitude. I’ve been such a planner and… Read More

January Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, In the past few months, life has organized itself in a way that’s allowed my wild feminine heart to emerge. She is radiant, powerful, expressive, bold, daring, fierce, playful, sassy, seductive, lets things be┬áchaotic and messy,… Read More