Category: 2019

June Newsletter

Hello Beauties, We must remember that we have Authority dear ones. Authority over our body’s, our minds, our hearts, our health, our relationships, our homes, our jobs……we have Authority! It is when we forget that we have a say… Read More

May Newsletter

Hello Beauties, I love the month of May!  I asked Spirit what wanted to be channeled for this month’s newsletter, and I kept seeing and hearing how the word Heal, is in the word Health. You know healing is my… Read More

April Newsletter

Hello Beauties, Are you just LOVING the bloom of these amazing trees in KC right now?!I’m really noticing how the birth of color is bringing me so much inspiration and joy, HECK YES to plants!! I tried to write… Read More

March Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, Happy Spring Solstice! I looooove spring. I love the whole concept – waking, birthing from the dead of winter, planting new seeds in the soft ground of spring (our hearts), and watching them (us) blossom and… Read More

February Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, Happy February Love Month <3  I am a firm believer in practicing receiving and giving love every day, and notice how I said receiving FIRST, and giving SECOND. It’s the time old adage, but it’s still… Read More

January Newsletter

Hello Beloveds, Buurrrrrrrr……hello January! Hot-dang it’s cold outside! ;p If you know me I have never been one for the cold, however I will say something has shifted where I’m appreciating it more now. I’ve found myself enjoying the change of the… Read More